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My Top 10 K-Dramas That Would Make Great Video Games

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A few rules

- Does not have to be the best kdramas it has to be kdramas that would make the best games.

(so kdramas that i mention may have flaws)

- I try to make a unique list with different game play ideas when possible as i think most kdramas could make great visual novels.

- I have to have watched the kdrama so if i have not at least seen a few eps then the drama will not be listed here.

- i may update the list in the future maybe i'll add Honorable mentions etc...


- Forbidden Love

You have your powers your healing sword fights etc... mythology of nine tail fox and possibilities to put choices in which would affect the outcome.


- About Time

Even though the drama ended up being average but i felt like it wasted the great concept it had with life clocks and being able to see how much time everyone has left that would work wonders in a game where you can make decisions that would affect people's lives.


- Signal

I have to say even though I think that Signal is a bit overrated but I do think that it would make an excellent video game with using the walkie talkie and the past and present scenarios and having to solve cases in both timelines could be very interesting.


- City Hunter

Good be a great game similar to hitman but with less killing but with the same kind of stealth and a bit more fighting. 


- While You Were Sleeping

Would go perfect with any quantum dream style games. Having dreams of bad events in the future then doing what you can to stop them. you have a prosecutor, news reporter and a cop so def. different game play style possibilities to mix in.


- Fight My Way

Imagine a mma fighting game but with a very good story, (well take out the whole mother mystery crap.) but that could be a great game and get people playing a mma game who probably would not normally.


- Circle

I always think about games like Deus ex, the style of those worlds decision making choices

chance for stealth hacking, cop and more.


- The K2

It would make a great action stealth game, the action was top notch in this drama and a lot in. so it makes since, i sort of imagine a james bond type game but with a bit more hand to hand combat.


- Healer

I think gameplay from mirror's edge would fit perfectly with Healer then with fighting kinda like batman arkham games but with much less gadgets 


- Drama world

It would have been epic if it was a visual novel and you get to customise your character, so that you would be the protagonist. It would be every kdramas fan dream and it would fix the biggest problem of dramaworld that it could not represent everyone.


Honorable Mentions:

The Bride of Habaek

Killer K 

Come And Hug Me

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