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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies - UNDUB PROPER

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Hi, everyone.
Here I bring the proper undub for Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

An undub has been circulating the internet for a while now but that version has a problem: court shouts (Objection, Hold it, etc) are still in english.
This undub properly undubs those instaces as well.

Another thing that was changed is the shouts graphics: now they are in Japanese. I thought this made more sense since the audio is in Japanese. Now audio and visuals match (regular text is still in english of course)
The title screen logo was also changed to Japanese. This was done for two resons:
1) The Japanese logo is way cooler than the western one.
2) To easily identify the proper undub from the bad one. If you have english text in the menu and the regular western logo, it's the bad undub. If the text is in english and the logo is in Japanese, it's the proper undub.

There is, however, two issues with this undub, that I couldn't fix on my own:
1) The introduction to the DLC episode is still in english. Sadly the text is on autoplay and the voice is synchronized to the text so the JP voice gets cut at the end of the current text box. Even worse, there's an extra audio file in the western release.
Fixing this will require some assembly code, I reckon.

2) It's not an issue per se but, the cinematics don't have subtitles. The game just doesn't feature them.
I tried to burn subtitles into the video files but after two days of trying, I couldn't get the game to load the new video files.
Fixing this will require either, a better understanding of the video files and how to decode and encode them properly, or heavy assembly code to make the game use subtitles (maybe reusing code from Gyakuten Saiban 6? That game does feature subtitles)

Last thing I have to mention is this is a decrypted .CIA file. I don't have a 3DS but I had a guy I know give it a test run for me. He said it played fine and the undub changes where present.
I also tried it in Citra and seemed to work fine.



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