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[PS3 Review] Beyond: Two Souls

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I've already played the demo before playing this game


My initial impressions were that it was better than Heavy Rain

Its like more active in the gameplay


Plus the way you have to control switching from Jodie to Adien and back

There just seems to be more that you can interact with and you have to think how to progress through at times maybe sadly not enough

(like in advanced experiments dlc because that was a great level)


Because in Heavy Rain most of the time it was actions then the consequence of those that change the story

In Beyond a bit different that how you got through and


There's a bit more exploring to do in Beyond much more on a different level to Heavy Rain


Menu is nice changes depending on which Chapter your on (You'll see Jodie's face at different ages in very high detail)


I haven't encountered any major problems while playing Beyond which is great

As when I played Heavy Rain there was a bug that it would wipe out the save i lost 4 hours of progress back then and it took them a while to fix

But luckily in Beyond there are no such issues the only real issue I encountered was in a level (submarine) where a scene meant to happen but didnt

i was walking around for ages until it happened and I walk over that specific spot many times


Anyways ofcourse maybe the biggest thing in this game is that actress Ellen Page and actor Willan Dafoe are in the game

Where you control Jodie for the whole game


Graphics are amazinly beautiful


One complaint is that In beyond there's only a white circle dot when you can interact with something (using the right analog stick)

When in Heavy Rain its hightlighted by a square box because sometimes in Beyond its hard to see when it blends in the background

But when you need to press other buttons during a sequence theyre highlighted but they dont when its a tiny white circle


Had a lot of fun in an early level called the party where they'd made funny of Jodie for the gift she gave at a birthday party

They locked her up, you can decide to leave or take revenge

So I decided to take revenge like you can do anything you want


Its changes back and fourth in the story from child to teenager to young woman to child vise versa a bit all other the place

but I liked how it was because you understood scenes when you get along through the story


My Review Score : 8.5+/10


Even though its not really a proper game more like an interactive mini series

But story soundtrack actors are all perfect in this game and overall they improved things from Heavy Rain


+ Ellen Page's best performance, to be honest I don't think this game would work without her and her performance throughout the game

+ You get to control Ellen Page in a bra and panties for a bit (ofcourse this is a plus)


- Small white circle hard to see, One awkard time to progress through where a scene didnt happen when it shouldve

- I liked how'd the story was layed out but there were a few times when i was confused when things weren't explained

- Never really explained what the monsters were and throughout

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