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[XBOX 360 Review] Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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An amazing game!

Been looking forward to this one for a while, was disappointed when microsoft got the time exclusive deal
because I didnt have an xbox one but luckily they brought it out for the xbox 360 aswell
I have to say quality was still great for xbox 360 and you get to enjoy the experience
So its great for people who have a x360 and just not quite ready to commit
or for people who have a x360 and a ps4 but just not willing to wait until the end of next year
honestly i feel that its pointless for ps4 because by then the price will be next to nothing

I'm relieved because we've all seen ports or the last gen versions of other games but poor or buggy
This version for xbox 360 is good quality and not buggy at all
only two very minor glitches in textures but nothing that disrupts the experience

I'm glad to say the quality is good much like the first tomb raider game
Overall it's more of the same with a few tweaks its hard to get into it because its very similiar to the predessor
Story I think is fantastic, characters are good

Combat I like it's different because if you focus on being too direct you could die easily
instead look whats around you or around your enemies and use whatever you see to your advantage
although bows seem to be more powerful than bullets
when it takes 3 shoots of a gun when an arrow is instant kill
Some animals seem to take many more hits than humans bears wolfs 20+ bullets / arrows

I like Survival instint and finding maps because you can find pretty much everything within the game without a guide

puzzles are great and rewarding experience

Things I could criticize on would really be nitpicking because its minor things
and no game is perfect but only can be perfect for what the game is and wants to be

like story maybe goes at too fast of a pace and doesnt build up certain things
for more impact

combat is not the absolute best

sidequests are great but gets repeative and a lot you cant do till later when you get certain gear
then backtrack via fast travel

quite a few cheap deaths

Which in this game it is

My Score: 10/10

Amazing game, one that everyone should play for sure.
I'm really glad that the xbox 360 is a good solid version for anyone without a xbox one

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