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[WiiU Review] Wii Sports Club

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When this game was announced I got excited because I thought finally an online game for the wiiu

But the first thing that kind of bothered me was the price was 9.99 $ but also 9.99 euro....

So people in europe will have to pay 2 euros more per sport....

So to consider that it'll take 50 to get them all (once they're out ofcourse) right now there's only bowling and tennis


Anyways it came out recently so I downloaded it and decided to give it a try since there's a 24hr free try pass for first time users so I started the game


By the way the 24hr countdown of your trail starts as soon as you enter the main menu so beware plus its 24hrs from when you start not 24 hr access so your gonna try it out make sure you do it for a free day


So onto the games we have tennis and bowling which were probably my two favourites from the original wii sports


I enjoyed both of them but that I was a bit disappointed about certain things


Okay the graphics are HD and yes better than original but not by much, although I wasn't like expecting it to be


Gameplay In tennis pretty much the same basics but except with every sport its now motionplus controls


It does feel different at first but once you get adjusted to the motionplus you'll be doing the same shots like in the original


Although one nice addition is the smash because you have to do a smash like movement or else you'll hit the net and that sort of goes


for overall too you can't flick the controller like in the original here you have to do a bit more realistic movements


Really enjoy playing tennis online had lots of fun but sadly there's connection issues at times random games seem to have 1 red bar signal and it lags so bad.... like really bad


Cheating yes it exists.... 1 didnt like it when i was 4-1 up then my opponent didnt serve and forfeit the match and then i only gained 10 points and he only lost 10 points but if i won it it wouldve bee at least 60 so.....


also played against a guy called nico twice he got disconnected both times which pissed me off because i was winning 5-1 playing my best wiiu sports tennis, i was even amazed at myself hitting them perfect but anyways i noticed something if you turn it off you dont loose points at all.....


against a star 5 player who was really good but I'm just epic


one other niggle is liked i said before motionplus its a requirement so if want to play multiplayer offline mmmm....


so what would mean 4 player then you need 4 motionplus would've been nice if it allowed 4 normal controls even if its limited to offline play


But overall I had fun the comment system is awesome miiverse too and liked i said about improvements before and the online play so I think this is one sport which will be a must have but just a bit sad about the connection problems kinda a let down


In bowling there's no real difference just minors changes with getting used to the motionplus controls but then again afterwards you'll make the strikes or spares look easy like in wii sports


One minus is that ofcourse there's no wii fit test or anything yet which was one of my favourite things in wii sports


I'll probably buy the tennis fulltime pass but not sure about the others unless they drop in price


My Score : 6.5 / 10


+ Having Wii Sports with some new improvements

+ Online Gaming

- Online connection problems & lack of online game modes stuff like mini knock touraments wouldve been nice

- Motionplus required

- Price & Lack of new stuff other than online


Its not like its a bad game, its a good game I enjoyed the tennis and bowling was fun too

But the price and the issues the game / s has me sort of 50 / 50

I probably end up getting the tennis but I may pass on the bowling since I haven't completed one game

online with it during the 24hr free 1st try pass


To be honest I think it should be all free for one to reward the people who bought a wiiu two to attract newcomers that they could download a free game

but no.... you must pay 10 per sport when you can play the original wii game that isnt too different

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