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My Top 10 Games That Deserves Remakes, Remasters, Sequels Or Prequels

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Alan Wake

This game is one of my favourites I would love to see a sequel for this

as this + american nightmare still holds up today and runs great on my xbox one s.


Mirror's Edge

Even though I liked the reboot but the story meh it went in a very different direction compared to the original. i wish could take parts from each then make a new one.



I have to admit I actually enjoyed this game, it was kinda like mirrors edge meet an online shooter. for me it was actually pretty good fun. sadly it had a huge lack of content. with more maps and maybe a proper story mode this game could have been much better.


Binary Domain

I would actually love to see a sequel plus a remaster, endings sort of hinted at a sequel

and the game itself was really fun maybe sadly a fun bugs and repetitiveness kept it back a bit, but personally I still really enjoyed the game.


Alice Madness Returns

I really enjoyed the game and I am a fan of american mcgee and the art style in his games.

Honestly I did not really have any complaints other than maybe wanting a bit more variation.

Then some years after the release I saw some of the cut content.... It made me wanting more as I felt the cut content included levels set in London and underwater. It could have made the game perfect.


Parasite Eve


Digital Devil Saga 1 & 2

What I would like: Remaster

Both great games only thing I dislike in the 1st one was the odd level

being a tad too long without anything much in it 2nd same except for the odd

story element which I did not like


Gameplay was great interesting combat system with a good leveling up with various

abilites great character design i could go on and on


It is something different compared to a lot of the other shin megami tensei

games where it seemed to have a very high production value good voice acting

the voice acting was especially needed to express the theme of the story

you know to have more impact


The games already look great but imagine some kind of double pack

in 1080p with tropheys etc.... I would be down for that


you can get it for ps3 on psn but no extras please note



Red Steel

this was my first wii game and also one of my favorites too


why isnt this style of game is done more often

asian gangsters, sword fights guns blazing

there are so many great films with awesome scenes and with a deep story

so why on earth has it never really been done much on videogames


i wish that red steel would get the combat from red steel 2

because it was really improved in the sequel but everything else was boring graphics, the story and characters who cares

where as in red steel 1 despite it being simple i still cared about the characters more


Deadly Premonition

What I would like: Remaster / Remake

I know this got a directors cut edition for the ps3

but honestly it was a bit lacking and I would love to see a good proper remaster and for ps4

i would like to see an improved map in the game rather than an app on a phone!

a quick weapon select menu rather than just pressing down multiple times

better ground textures well would like better everything but especially the ground and more polish

this game would then be legendary as it got everything else right!


Shadow hearts Covenant 

What I would like: Remaster (Covenant), Remake (Shadow hearts 1), Prequel & Sequel

Well I think number 1 was kinda obivous

It was an incredibile looking game for ps2 yes the ps2 the graphics were amazing

Imagine a wee bit of polish and adapting to 1080p properly and trophy

support etc... it would be epic


honestly i dont know why at least this is discussed maybe difficult for a shadow

hearts 1 remake or prequel but this


it would be a no brainer because of the lack of games of this kind

and also that nowdays internet is different

compared to before when shadow hearts came out

it did not get enough publicity and a lot of its cult following came years

after release so that is simply why it takes the number 1 spot

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