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[K-Drama Review] Memories of the Alhambra (2018)

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AR is a great concept for a drama and with high production values it did get me excited


There were pacing issues mainly in the early eps

it over used the slow motion showing the face way

too many times and felt like it took ages to move on at times.

They must've known because they rarely do it later after ep 3


When things get started it was a fun drama to watch

from the funny moments to the exciting, nervous, intense, romantic moments

as the drama progressed the tone was more serious as the stakes were higher

understanably slow


over use of flashbacks

I like them when done right but every ep had some kind of a flashback at the very least

but a lot and again epsecially earlier on

it felt messy as if scenes were swapped around

felt weird what is going on then next scene ah

those i feel are 90% pointless unless if it was done as a twist


I think the plot was decent


Consistency They were watching Yoo Jin Woo playing the game in the first few eps

then they just dropped it


Plot holes


The cast was fantastic, characters were great also


Yoo Jin Woo

Was fantastic, great performance especially him and he interacted well with all of the other characters


I'm actually going to defend the character Jung Hee Joo

she's fragile but not weak, lost both of her parents, suddenly had a lot of responsibility as being the eldest child

giving up on her dream, working multiple jobs to support her family including running a hostel which is not easy.

Not being in a relationship

Then when certain things happen i think its okay to be emotional its okay to cry.


I dont have issues with any of the characters although I will say some dont feature enough on screen with their own thing going on

as it is very focused on Yoo Jin Woo


Soundtrack was great never felt out of place

The sets the scenery beautiful which combined with brilliant cinematroghy it makes a treat to watch many times.


Romance was good but not at the elite level

It doesn't help when the only time the camerman failed was the kiss scene its like the cameraman tried his best to

not show the kiss!


the drama almost felt like it was full of itself at times

as if it knew it was something special and epic

and in many ways it was and should've been.


My Score is a 8.5/10



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