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Release Date: June, 2019
Genre: Adventure, Puzzle
Language: EN, Mult 9
Format: NSP
Version: 1.0.0
Size: 834 MB

A teenage girl with a smaller boy in her arms lands on the shore of a strange semi-abandoned building resembling an ancient temple. The younger child moans, coughs and suffers from a wound in the abdomen. The older sister leaves him on a bench in the “temple” and again sits in her boat to go on a journey across the endless ocean, in the midst of which the tops of skyscrapers, fragments of the bridge, part of the once gigantic observation wheel stick out …
A girl swims from building to building, climbs out of the boat where there is an opportunity to moor, and begins to climb the ledges on the walls or through the thickets of a shley-like plant to get to the supplies scattered here and there. Somewhere there is a bandage, somewhere – some water or food. All found a brave traveler brings brother: he needs. However, empty skyscrapers hide in themselves not only resources for survival: books are found everywhere that can shed light on the past of the once proud metropolis, from which only a skeleton sticking out of the water now remains.



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