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Requesting a Mod of a certain game


okay so first off, I just wanna state that I've never been good with forums, and I understand that people hate it when someone posts something in the wrong topic(I get the same way). So Hopefully I am in the right area, I read all of the rules and stuff, and I hope I didn't miss over anything. But Basically, I was wondering if it was possible to have a game such as Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots, have multiplayer/co-op in the singleplayer story mode. As It does have multiplayer but only in a specific mode with certain levels.

I swore I remembered there being co-op in storymode.


I actually have a few more questions, as I am new to modding the wii, and modded wii games in general....but I just realized this isn't the right topic for that, so if someone can direct me for a place to ask questions.


anyways back to the main topic of this thread.


So basically I am requesting that someone maybe could see if its possible to do as I said above for Nicktoons Attack of the Toybots. Loved that game as a child.

P.S is Darkumbra forums against piracy?

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2 answers to this question

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ahh the wii sorry pal i read it to fast... hmm ive heard of wiis being modded to play like emulators and stuff if you want to get into modding like i did do some research on rgh/jtags you can almost mod any game with those you can get playstation 1 games super nintendo gameboy sega n64 atari im not sure if you can get wii games but they are wicked there out datated but are super cool to own i have a gears slim thats getting RGHed my friend is building it because he owes me some money if your really instrested in modding let me know i can help you out with alot of iso mods and setting up stealth server on an rgh srry i couldint help but i know quite a bit about the xbox side pm me if you want to learn cheers mate

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