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Ace Combat 3D: Cross Rumble Plus (JP) (Multi-6, Working dual audio) + QR codes

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If nothing else, play this game for its kickass soundtrack.

Cross Rumble and Assault Horizon Legacy are the same game, though this one features slightly glitched but perfectly working dual audio selector. If you want to play with French, Spanish, Italian, or German dialog subtitles, you'll have to manually edit the save file (described below).
※ Originally, the Assault Horizon Legacy Plus undub was posted here instead but it was swiftly replaced with the glitch-free Japanese version. Please redownload if you've managed to grab the old version.

If you want to play the game in other languages than English or Japanese:

  1. Launch the game and create a save slot if you haven't done so yet.
  2. Exit the game and dump your save via the Checkpoint.
  3. Open up your save file (like savedata1.dat) in a hex editor.
  4. Change the offset 1A3D value to 00 (Japanese) or 01 (English) to set the audio language, and save the file afterwards.
  5. Change the offsets 1A3E and 1A3F values to 02 (French), 03 (Spanish), 04 (Italian), or 05 (German) to set the dialog and miscellaneous stuff language, and save the file afterwards. The menus and UI will run in the language corresponding to your sysmenu, so no need to change anything for that.
  6. Restore your modified save via the Checkpoint and enjoy the game.
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Swapped the previously posted version for the glitch-free one.

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