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Switch gallery crashing

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Need help on my current issue. Its been months since i last tinkered with my switch. I usually install games via sd card through sxos/gallery. So i manually remove and copy all games to the sd card. Just the other day, i copied new nsp files and when i tried to open the gallery it just crashes and just returns to the home screen.

Tried the following:

* delete and replace files on sd card

* deleted and created a new emunand

* deleted all nsp/xci on sd card

Here are my switch details:

* sx os 

* 8.0.1

There are only 2 posts online regarding this and both of them didnt have any fix whatsoever. 

Hoping you guys can help me out. 





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First you should check your SD Card. If you got a fake card it may show the NSP files with correct size, but the filedata may be damaged.

You can use h2benchw to test the SD card.
The other test you could do is  to copy the NSP to the card and check if the content is identical to the file you have on your computer. You can use a tool like MD5summer to create the checksum of both files and compare them.

If your NSP is bigger than 4GB in size you should make sure to split the file correctly. I tryed to split a 6GB XCI in two 3GB parts which would not load correctly. Use "XCI-Cutter tool (Windows)" to make shure the filesize doesn't cause your problems.


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