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New Chat lays the frameworks for iPhone/iPad DU App

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Hi all,

Just wanted to take a quick moment and update you guys on what I've been working on for the past few weeks. The new updated chat that's been in development has just been put live across DU and can be seen above in vibrantly awesome blue and black. 

Now the new chat behaves very much like the old one and for those of you who have been here for ages, a lot like all the other revisions. However, the new chat is running an entirely new framework I'm working on that will allow for easy integration of the DU chat service into other platforms.


Let me explain...

This means that it will be possible (in due time of course) to have a DU iPhone app, iPad app, eventually an Android phone and tablet app, desktop chat clients, windows sidebar gadgets, etc etc... pretty much anything. Once all the core features are done on the web version, I will begin the iPhone/iPad apps and go from there. I am really excited about this new platform; it's going to be super sweet.


If anyone has any questions, please post below and I will answer them :)




P.S. Oh and for those who keep asking for IM, or one on one messaging, to come back to the site, be patient; it's en-route as well ;)


Features in the works

  • Relative dates (v3.0.01)
  • @replies integrated again with autocomplete (v.3.0.06)
  • Preferences panel (v3.0.002)
    • Notifications choice: all messages, only mentions, none at all (v3.0.02)
    • Messages to show at once (size of message box)
  • Smart reconnect: reconnects to the chat seamlessly if you lose internet connection (v3.0.06)
  • Message cache: keeps past messages cached in browser before loading in new ones
  • Show notifications when shoutbox is out of field of view
  • Optional showing of new topics/replies
  • Encoding on notifications (v3.0.02)
  • Mod privileges (v3.0.02)
  • Selective scroll down (if you scroll up, it won't scroll to bottom) (v3.0.07)
  • Emoticons (v3.0.04)

Known Bugs

  • Stop notifications in separate tabs/windows for own shouts

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This gave me a stroke it's so awesome.



extend the notification options to include scrolling down past the shoutbox... could be a challenge but would be great for when I scroll down reading the forum

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announcement of new topics and replies added, but make it OPTIONAL


for example I like seeing when people post new topics and replies in the shoutbox, but others don't like it hogging up the shoutbox... so, make use of that Preferences button!


also Mookie typed a message with an apostrophe in and it had the &#39 or whatever encoding issue on my desktop notification again...

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