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New Chat lays the frameworks for iPhone/iPad DU App

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Shad you are the fu**in man. Mad props to all the work you have been putting in on DU. It's already showing that there's more traffic.

Thanks dude :) And yea it is showing more traffic :) 


Also, update for you guys, just added @replies to the chat and man are they sweet lol. Just type @ and then the name of the person. An autocomplete box will be displayed for you to choose from a-la-Facebook style. For the sake of simplicity though, clicking user names has not been enabled for mentions. 

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ok I assume @reply auto-complete only works for members that are online? I cache-refreshed and attempted to use it to say hello to @thatfloorguy by pressing @t and the autocomplete brought up hornet and punkydudester


also, when I said hello @hornet it came up like this:




I refreshed and it still looked like that, and then after a little bit I looked at it again and it looked like this:




so don't know what happened there. Could just have been a one time thing I haven't tried any others yet


ooh just got an @mention from @thatfloorguy! :P

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Desktop notifications should probably be off or for mentions only by default


for example, many members join only to download stuff. they don't care about the chat. we don't want to force it on them. any regular member that is interested in chat can figure out how to turn it on.


just a thought

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