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Ads on DU

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As some of you may have noticed you will now begin to see advertisements on different parts of DU. This is part of a test we are doing in an attempt to make DU self-sustaining as donations simply do not cover continually rising server and maintenance costs.


Just wanted to let you guys know :) Also, please do NOT click on ads just for the sake of clicking. Google takes fake clicks very seriously and we do not want to be flagged for that. However in the case that something does catch your eye as intriguing, go ahead and follow it if you so desire :)





P.S. It would be much appreciated and really helpful if people added DU to their ad blocker whitelists if they use such tools. Thanks!

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Yea adsense is correct. I have applied for private advertising companies for people who might want to advertise here but no response yet.

Ok I hope you get some good ones man.

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Good idea - anything which helps with server and maintenance costs has got to be good for all.

I hope other members don't get too pissed off with the ads and realise that they are a necessity

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This topic is now closed to further replies.