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Nintendo 3DS Requests


I will now be taking requests for Nintendo 3DS games :)


1) Please use the search option before requesting a game to verify it isn't already posted!


2) Please allow adequate time for me to upload the game and or locate it assuming I don't have it already!


3) Requests now open!

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17 answers to this question

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Hello I'm currently looking for the complete European or USA 3DS romset. There used to be bit-torrents such as this "Nintendo 3DS Roms 0001 0240 Europe" although many have been removed now. I'm aware the totall data would be towards 1TB or more so I simply which to know if you're aware of any compressed parts kicking around to download please? I simply wish to give my nieces the chance to look through the games themselves. 


Hello larsenv, I spoke with you about your Nintendo 3DS ROMs Super Collection in the shoutbox the other day.


Thanks for your time. No worries if you're not aware of any such torrents or direct downloads. I'll just have to do some research into 3DS games.

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Please? It wont be found anywhere but I think it is an available on USENET. I dont have USENET.

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Any 3DS GBA VC (only if decrypted or with xorpads)


Any 3D Classics (only if decrypted or with xorpads)


Any of these:

1162 - Wannyan_Pet_Shop_JPN_3DS-HR (84434091)
1177 - Pilotwings_Resort_v01_JPN_3DS-HR (924B4498)
1228 - Star_Fox_64_3D_v03_JPN_3DS-HR (D8476A47)
1252 - Minarai_Majo_to_MocoMoco_Friends_JPN_3DS-HR (14844DCF)
1253 - Nashijiru_Action_Funassyi_no_Yukai_na_Ohanassyi_JPN_3DS-HR (68281F39)
1259 - The.Legend.of.Zelda.Ocarina.of.Time.3D.v01.USA.3DS-BigBlueBox (D8FEF92D)
1260 - Ice_Age_Continental_Drift_EUR_ITALIAN_3DS-PUSSYCAT (CAFD83CB)
1261 - Nintendogs.plus.Cats.French.Bulldog.and.New.Friends.v01.EUR.3DS-CONTRAST (6EA82630)
1262 - Nintendogs.plus.Cats.Golden.Retriever.and.New.Friends.v00.EUR.3DS-CONTRAST (BE711BE9)
1271 - Nintendogs_Plus_Cats_Toy_Poodle_and_New_Friends_v01_JPN_3DS-HR
1283 - Lego_Jurassic_World_USA_3DS-ABSTRAKT
[p2p] 1288 - Fire_Emblem_if_Anya_Oukoku_JPN_3DS-HR
[p2p] 1289 - Fire_Emblem_if_Byakuya_Oukoku_JPN_3DS-HR
x037 - The.Legend.of.Zelda.Majoras.Mask.3D.DEMO.EUR.INTERNAL.3DS-CONTRAST
x038 - Puzzle.and.Dragons.Z.plus.Puzzle.and.Dragons.Super.Mario.Bros.Edition.DEMO.EUR.INTERNAL.3DS-CONTRAST
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718- Runabout 3D: Drive Impossible   "Runabout_3D_Drive_Impossible_JPN_3DS-HR" 

838 - Exstetra  " Exstetra_JPN_3DS-HR"

If possible with CIA format!



Edited by michiruhanaten
forgot to say which format

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i am looking for Rune Factory 4 USA fully decrypted rom in .3ds format,it should be citra compatible.

Edited by emmaus

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 I am looking for decrypted versions for Citra..... 

I know some of them are not playable very well but just for a collection and for a future just in case...

Mega Man Legacy Collection (USA because EUROPE version didn't dumped yet)

Rockman Legacy Collection (Japanese version)

Azure Striker Gunvolt (PREFER EUROPE VERSION)

Armed Blue: Gun Volt (Japanese version)



Much appreciated.


EDIT: Never mind.. I got those decrypted files already thanks to someone do it for me at the different forum site. Thanks anyway.

Edited by azoreseuropa

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