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[MF] AfroJackX Wii Virtual Console Injects! All region free!

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Updated the earthbound wad with the official wii u vc usa rom so there should be no anti-piracy at all. I also updated earthbound beginnings and earthbound's save icons to be closer to a vc release.

Edited by AfroJackX
Added info about EB beginnings and earthbound's save icon and name change.

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I forgot to mention this but I fixed the broken link for Super Mario 64 Multiplayer 1.3.5a. Thanks for letting me know charlscain!

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I dunno if it's my pal wii but the Earthbound inject doesn't work: it is on the wii menu with his image and everything that a wii channel should have, but whenever I try to start it goes into a black screen and I cannot do anything, I can only turn off the wii (that still works). I've tried to use the dolphin emulator and it works on there but I saw something odd: it wasn't regionfree rather it had the USA icon: is it the problem or is my wii?

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