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January 2015 - Member of the Month

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We haven't had a Member of the Month awarded in a couple months, and that's not because there were no worthy members. Instead, we voted and were split between 2 members, who both deserve the recognition. However there can be only one and we have decided that @DownloadingUploading will be Darkumbra.net's first Member of the Month for the year of 2015!


Congratulate Mr. DU when you see him around the forum or chat, and remember we are always considering who might have earned a spot in the Member of the Month category... you could be next!


Here's a sig that Normanity was kind enough to create for the occassion.



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Great job DownloadingUploading!!


You're a perfect addition to DU, and always love to help us when we give Wii game requests!




Well deserved!!

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Congratulations @DownloadingUploading - very well deserved - as you can see your contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed.

All the best for 2015 to DU  ....  and of course DU !

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