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Davonte Dswizz Taylor

[DD] Not64 Second Edition

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Thanks for this. How does this one compare to Wii64?

Its really good,BIG improvement over Wii64, can play Goldeneye and Aki wrestling games finally on Wii!!! its not perfect by all means tho

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ty man,there is a speed improvement on games?

Um.. I'd haven't gotten around to test out every single N64 game out there, but the ones i actually did try out so far was Turok 2 Seeds of Evil (of course lol), Banjo Kazooie (the game's audio/speed sync has been greatly improved though the graphics needs a ton more work), Banjo Tooie (the game's area has white backgrounds everywhere), Goemon's Great Adventure (Still doesn't work sadly :-(), 40 Winks (Very good but too dark to see crap!), Crusin' games still has messy/ugly textures & graphics still.

And that's all i'd tested so far.

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