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April 2015 Member Of The Month

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The Staff would like to announce our 35th Member of the Month






bm123456 has been a member here since July 2011 and with over 500 active posts we feel the time has come to acknowledge his efforts.

He has been a great asset to Dark Umbra for a long time now.

What has made him stand out though is the fact that he is constantly maintaining his threads.  It’s not just a case of posting a thread and then forgetting about it – he regularly posts revisions where needed to ensure the content is up to date and as informative as possible.

And he is always willing to lend a hand and replies quickly to try and resolve any help topics he can.


When people visit Dark Umbra for the first time and sign up as new members they need to see that there is content here worth staying a member for and it is existing members such as bm123456 who help us achieve that.


So I would like to be the first to congratulate him on becoming our 35th Member of the Month.

If you see him around Chat please give your congratulations as well.


The current feeling among Staff is that it is getting harder to choose a Member of the Month.  Whilst we notice that many members contribute to the well being of the forum we are really looking for people  who give just that little bit more than everyone else.  It is not easy to win this award but I would encourage everyone out there to have a try for the next one.

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Thanks guys it's an honor to be MOTM . I still wish there was a color for members who do or submit all the tutorials . Lol

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Congrats man. Well deserved.

I've added the title to your account. :)

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