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MK808B Plus Setup Tutorial - Using Kodi

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This is for MK808B Plus

Thread Last Updated 12/12/16


You'll need a micro sd card 32gb recommended

This Guide does require that you have some basic know how with kodi and a bit with android

although its quick and easy to understand both


Unofficial OpenELEC for MK808B Plus *Recommended*

If your only interested in Kodi/SPMC this is the way to go as performance is much better boots straight into Kodi

much quicker too and this actually made me keep the MK808B Plus device as I was very close to selling it before,

but the performance was very good for me which made me keep it.

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MK808B-Plus - Finless ROM 1.1

If you want all your android stuff then this is the way to go although this device is a bit outdated now and is not powerful enough/supported on the latest versions of kodi and spmc and you may need to stay on an outdated version of spmc to enjoy x265 videos etc... And I experience various issues with official Kodi or newer spmc versions when playing videos etc...

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Installing Finless Rom V1.1 or Unofficial OpenELEC

*First time users*

I tested different roms and for me this one is the best it's very easy to setup and its easy to update if ever needed

easy to change and you have android apps etc...


If you don't care about having android then you can use Unofficial OpenELEC for MK808B Plus instead

Step 1- Extract the contents to the root of the micro sd card


Step 2- Only have first the hdmi plugged in before you plug in the usb power supply follow step 3 (don't not plug in others)


Step 3- Get a paper clip or a pin, turn the device on the side which says "H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding"

take the pin and put it in the bottom left corner press and hear a slight click then plug in the usb power supply

wait until you say the android logo and a loading bar which means its flashing then you can take out the pin

wait until it stopped flashing

Step 4- Done! Enjoy!

Installing Unofficial OpenELEC (from finless rom)

This part is specifically if you already have Finless Rom v1.1

Personally I only switched recently because I only ever used Kodi/Spmc on mk808b plus never use anything outside of it

but switching was great because its boots really fast and its straight into Kodi/Spmc

so if you dont care about android specific features or apps then openelec is the way to go!

Step 1- Extract the contents of the zip folder to the root of a micro sd card

Step 2- Power on your android device

Step 3- Reboot App --> Reboot to Recovery

Step 4- Wipe

Step 5- Install

Step 6- Change Source to micro sd

Step 7- Select the zip file and give it the okay to install

Step 8- It may look like it froze dont worry it has not just let it do its thing

Step 9- Once it finishes reboot and you now have openelec!


First time on openelec my controller was unresponsive so i took out the power then put it back in

once it booted the controller worked 

Finless rom boot screen still shows before openelec not sure how to change it?

Setting Up Kodi (Finless rom)

This part of the guide is aimed for users with finless rom

Basically Kodi works well but playing x265 videos it would lag

A fork Kodi / SPMC alpha that works well with those files



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ES File Explorer

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Advance Settings XML

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Step 1- Go To File Manager

Step 2- Install Kodi

Step 3- Install ES File Explorer

Step 4- Run Kodi for the first time

Step 5- Once it reaches the main let it sit for a bit (You'll see add ons being enabled)

Step 6- Settings System Appearance Disable RSS Feeds

Step 7- Exit Kodi

Step 8- Start ES File Explorer

Step 9- Tools Enable View Hidden Files

Step 10- USB copy the advance settings xml file

Step 11- Go to (on internal) Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/

Step 12- Paste the file then exit

Step 13- Start Kodi System Settings Addons Install From Zip File USB Phoenix wait for everything till be enabled (last one being phoenix)

Step 14- Install Add Ons From Repo Skins Sio2 Install

Step 15- Enjoy!


Picking the best skin for Kodi


Note most of the skins I've tried do work but problem is with some is that the load times and overall speed of the skin


For me I focus on two things 1st most important being performance on the device 2nd the looks & features


So please take note all my opinions are based on the performance on MK808B Plus

When I talk about load times or other things doesnt mean its a bad skin but simply just not suited for the device


All on default settings


My Favourite Skin:



Download in the official repo

I recommend this skin its slightly quicker compared to Confluence
also cover art of recent added or watched etc loads instantly after start up 3 - 4 secs section 2 secs
has Customize home menu which is okay maybe not as good compared to other skins sub menu like custom favourites
but it is fast which makes it worthwhile trying



Default well duh runs very well but maybe lacks a few features


Other resonable ones:



Aeon Nox
loads roughly same as confluence 3-4
3 secs into sections first time in session
so pretty decent maybe not the absolute best speed wise
but if like the views etc... then go for this


AppTV -
Performs very good just slightly longer than confluence 5-6 secs, going into sections is pretty much instint
if you like the views for movies and tv shows then this is for you,
it has custom sub / favourite menus which i do like and want to divide content


Artitic zepyr - 
about 4 secs startup, going into sections 1-2 secs
only thing artwork takes about 20secs to load up on home menus bit of a pity
but if you like the views then use this


Bello -
Pretty quick although i have been getting a weird issue at startup i get this empty box that says help on top
i click okay but then it takes quite a while to get to menu which is sad as i did sort of like it maybe not my fav
but one i would keep but this issue kinda kills it for me as it happened too often


4 secs start up, 3 secs section, not bad but personally doesnt suit my needs and its not slow but not also the fastest 
and considering both, but it is nice and basic easy to use


- Maxinmilism
3 - 4 secs start up, 3 - 4 entering sections
speed wise resonable but maybe lacks things comparing to other skins with similiar speeds
plus if not mistaken only has 1 view if you like it okay but for me its a bit too basic
if speed was better then i would probably have recommended it


- Mimic
3 - 4 secs startup, 3 secs entering section so pretty good, again if you like the views etc...
then go for it


Another skin that performs well, going into sections takes a slight bit but other than seems to work well
startup being 4-5 secs so just slightly longer than confluence
sadly doesnt have customized sub menus to tv shows or movies but you can add favourites section or custom menu


One's that were slow:



Back Row -
Startup its like 4-5 secs you see the red curtains but then another 4-5 secs to the menu which is quite a bit
5-6 secs going into section first time in session which is slightly longer
I actually used this on my pc i liked the looks of the skin


Black Glass Nova -
25+ secs startup but other than its okay but 25 secs is pretty long compared to other skins
Box -
takes 15+ secs for startup, takes 3-4 secs for entering section
nice skin but takes too long
It is a nice skin but sadly boot times and load times are a bit long 
Didnt have any other issue


CCM Helix -
It's a nice skin based on confluence with extras but sadly everything takes a bit longer compared to the normal 
version or other skins 4 secs for entering section first time in session
12 - 14 secs start up,


Start up load times not too bad about 7 to 10 secs
Loads times initalliay quite slow but afterwards does improve
but features like the art popping up on the menu takes a while and going into whatever section aswell
which in someways make this pointless to use on mk808b plus
pretty decent start up 4secs although into section can be 4-5 secs
liked the default view for tv series but overall speed not quite
Looks goregous on my full hd tv screen but
Loads to the Kodi Nebula screen in 4 secs but afterwards still takes a bit to get to the actual menus 10+


4-5 secs startup, 5+ secs section, liked the views but a pity it takes a bit getting into the sections


Start up time very good just slightly longer compared to confluence 5 to 6 secs
but going into sections like tv shows or movies takes about 5-7 secs everytime for the first time in each session
which is a bit of a pity also after i reboot android i tried to go into kodi it kicked me after it reached the gui
cleared cache and still kicks me out was able to fix it via force stop but having already had to do that a few times 
gets a bit annoying


7secs startup 3-4 secs section not that bad slight pity because has nice views


Xperience 1080p
Again not too bad 6+ secs start up 2 secs going into section
cover art takes a bit 10 secs to load which would make part of it pointless
very nice looking but maybe not just right for mk808b plus
Titan Media Browser
It does look very nice but sadly performance isnt too good 
10+ secs for start up and 7 secs for going tv shows or movies first time during a session
pity because does look like a very nice and professional looking skin
Requires Mouse:
3 secs start up 3 secs section not bad nice-ish skin although you must have a mouse control
Addons For Kodi

Mainly focused on sports but will cover some other channels / content aswell


Phoenix Add On

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Faith Genesis Raven, JJ-Kwik
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DreamHazard    211

It's a shame Kodi skins suck these days. Back in the older XBMC days there were some super great skins but I'm stuck using Confluence. It's still an excellent media organiser (when you can actually get it to import all of your files, good luck with that)

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Hi, I just bought the mk808b plus, I wonder how well it works with remote control HDMI-CEC by the finless , I read that works well OpenELEC

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Currently re-organizing the thread a bit updating some of the links etc...


Edit: Updated links for SPMC and the advance settings xml

*Note if you were using SPMC / Kodi Beta Earlier you will have to re-setup SPMC / Kodi*

As folders are different from the proper release compared to the beta

Reason for sticking with SPMC is that its more suited for this device

Edited by faith genesis raven

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