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[MF] Boston Celtics Theme

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First Major post on DU biggrin.gif


The Story:

The story goes like this. My friend is a Major Boston Celtics Fan. I told him i could hack his wii the next time i see him, so he said okay, but he wanted a theme for it. He then decided on a Boston Celtics theme. I decided to make the theme. For those of you who known me from past wadder tongue.gif , you would know that I suck at wii themes -.- . BUT!!!! :| This wii theme is far by the best wii theme I made. To the Boston Celtics and to my friend and my friends at Wadder I resent to you the Boston Celtics Theme biggrin.gif

The Video: ...could someone create or post a video for me :please:

Special Thanks To: Diddy81 for supply the base ( TMNT Theme was the base ) And again Diddy81 for answering a couple of my questions biggrin.gif , then my next thanks goes to VGMStudios for supplying me with an good sd card image and the numbers for the clock! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif