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Information on Topic Tags

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Simply put, topic tags are useful for making content easier to find. We only require file host topic tags for our Content Sharing forum, and Console/Device tags for tutorials posted in the Tutorials forum. Elsewhere, topic tags are rarely required but we highly recommend using them when suitable. 

How to use the forum's Topic Tagging System

1. Create a new topic or edit the first post of your existing topic. Keep the topic's Title information to the point, and use tags to give further information about the post and content. Set the file host as Item prefix if the topic contains download links to content or set the console, iDevice, PC etc for Tutorial topics.


2. You can add multiple tags for any given topic. There are many pre-defined tags that can assist you in tagging your topic. Just start typing and a list of recommended tags will appear.



3. If done correctly, the tag selected as Item prefix will appear before the topic title when viewing the forum list, with all other tags appearing after it. Tags not only make selecting your content easier for members searching the site, but also those simply browsing the forum as well.


Thank you for taking the time to learn the proper way to use the forum's tagging system!

- DarkUmbra Staff

P.S. If you have any issues with tagging or searching for content please create a topic in the Help & Support section here.

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