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SNES Virtual Console injects Loadiine GX2 ready (Taking requests)

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33 minutes ago, Rokpy's said:

"Zelda Parallel Worlds (hack)" is it a good game ?

It's supposed to be a really high quality LTTP hack. New overworld and dungeons and everything. Biggest complaint is that it is too hard. The one I uploaded is a remodel edition released a few years ago that makes it a lot easier despite still being a lot tougher than the original LTTP, but it removes a lot of the back tracking, gets rid of mandatory use of advanced techniques like bomb jumping and overall makes it easier.

I personally just started it and cleared the intro dungeon and it's looking pretty good. It's a great fix for a Zelda junkie but it's probably not without it's frustration.

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Could you please inject Mario All Stars? It hasn´t been released in VC at all. Thank you!

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