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[PS VITA / PS TV] How To Install Henkaku [3.60fw only]

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For using qcma to transfer files quicker compared to ftp you will need to have activate a psn account on your ps vita

*If you have ever signed in before ignore this*

make a new account or use an old one you dont care about just incase

on the initial set up of the ps via when it asks for your psn account it does not update or bother you with anything

so go into recovery mode by holding the power home and r button at the same time

once in recovery mode use the option restore ps vita

then once it reboots go through the initial set up


note able to qcma and transfer via mp4 method but have not figured out psp savedata yet

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4 hours ago, snapcased said:

awesome thanks

just replying to your pm here because i prefer other people to see just incase if it helps them too


when your talking about transferring stuff is it legit purchases or backups?

to your other question about vpk installs / running games

only vpk installs, (even though it is possibile to part copy the game files and then install a smaller vpk file)

but no one has provided dumps like that, you always have to install vpk for a game regardless [to get the bubble] and also no real benefit)


i'll try to answer your question about transferring files but depends on what you meant exactly

for transferring stuff i use qcma disable the online check as long as a psn account was activate on the vita it wont nag you to update its fast although not tested it with legit purchased stuff (i use it to transfer vpk (i rename it to .mp4 to transfer then after on vita i rename to .vpk then install ) also i used a psn account which i do not care about very old one which i dont use anymore just incase

i actually have 2 ps vita one for legit ps plus content etc... another specific for henkaku backups etc...

like you can use ftp but it is very slow for transferring backups and for legit purchased games still use qcma but again i dont use it for that, but for transferring vpk files via ftp it was wanting near 1hr 30mins

for danganronpa another episode but via qcma usb renamed to mp4 it only took about 5mins maybe slightly more but it is a huge difference

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Great thanks that helps alot, another question I have is I had a psvita for a few years and the battery finally shot so I bought a PSTV thinking they were the same. As you know they are definately not the same so am I out of luck on the games I bought ? Even with whitelist I have no way to access those games thru the actual PsTv? Is there any way around that?

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i dont personally have a pstv so i dont know a lot about it but i thought you would be just able to download on the pstv from the psn store not matter if it would run or not run even though with hacks all games can boot but does not mean all work properly, currently henkaku has a 3.61 spoof for psn but it probably wont last and i dont know if its still working or not.


regardless of anything especially for people who have bought content i recommend getting two ps vitas or one vita and one ps tv because we dont know how sony will react, at the moment they are probably enjoying the sales lol but after banhammers etc... are expected and to risk an account with purchased content...

bit risky even if you do not have money right now save up get another psvita etc... then enjoy your games

your purchased games are not going anywhere but in the future getting a ps vita or ps tv on 3.60 or less may become more difficult


like when henkaku came out my ps vita was on 3.60 but i had ps plus same psn account as ps4 and i had bought quite a few games dlc etc.... i cant risk that

i bought an additional ps vita at £55 which it is a good price for a console and well worth it for not risking any purchased content

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