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DarkUmbra Official Site Rules

1. We are a multi-cultural community of various faiths and beliefs
Racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.

2. No offensive material
Pornographic, explicitly violent content or links to such things will be removed immediately along with your posting ability.
This includes swearing and inappropriate language.

3. Absolutely no flaming, trolling or ridiculing of members.
No exceptions.

4. We have a wide age range of members.
Accordingly, choose your language, avatars and signatures carefully. Anything deemed offensive or in bad taste will be removed by staff.

5. No spamming or flooding
This includes but is not limited to: referral links, links to advertisement sites, pay-per-click sites.
This also includes links in users signatures, about me pages, and profile comments and fields.
Offenders will be put on moderator approval or warned appropriately.

6. Multiple posting
Double posting is not allowed and chain posts will be merged. Please make use of the "Edit" feature for adding to your latest post.

7. This is an English-speaking forum
All posts must be in English or accompanied by an English translation.
Txt speak is greatly frowned upon. Examples of this include: "r u going 2 da party 2nite?".

8. Respect the hard-working staff
ANY aggression, insolence or disrespect towards our hard working staff will not be tolerated.

Ignoring staff attempts to contact you may result in warnings or bans.
Posting or sending content that breaks any of the herein mentioned rules via personal message is not permitted.
Do not directly message staff regarding support issues. Please use the appropriate forum for this.

9. Every moderator action is a private matter
If you disagree with a Moderator's decision, please PM them about it privately. Public topics targeted at moderators or moderator actions will be deleted and further warnings/bans may be issued.

10. Posting links
Any links to files or media should be enclosed in hide bbcode tags. For example:

[hide ] http://google.com [/hide ]

will appear as:

Please label the title of your thread with the host that you're using.
Threads/Posts that include 'Premium Only' Links MUST be marked as such.
Nothing in violation of the herein mentioned rules is permitted to be posted regardless of hide tags.

11. Warnings and Warning Points
Any violation of the rules will result in a formal warning with associated points.
Depending on the violation, a certain number of points will be awarded.
Accumulating points will result in a consequence. Consequences range from from posting disabled/monitored, to permanent bans.

12. Staff Discretion
The staff reserve the right to take down any content that is deemed inappropriate.
Staff will provide reasons to the other staff/admins when removing content.
Should you disagree with the action taken towards your content, please direct message the staff member and have a conversation about it.
Please be aware though that by opening it up for discussion does not guarantee or require the staff member to change their decision.
13. Shoutbox Conduct
Please refrain from using inappropriate language anywhere on the site which includes the shoutbox.
Members will not harass other members in the shoutbox.
Any harassment or cussing directed towards other members will result in a shoutbox ban for a period of time at the staff's discretion. Should a repeat incident occur, a permanent shoutbox ban will be issued.
Should the harassment still continue, the infracting member will receive an irreversible site-wide permanent ban.

14. External Links
The following rules apply to any links posted anywhere on the site, including the forum, in the chat, status updates or personal messages. ONLY the following links are permitted:

  • Links within DarkUmbra.Net
  • Links to YouTube videos or playlists
  • Direct image links, such as url/image.jpg or url/image.png 

Links to external forums/communities are not permitted anywhere on the site, forum, chat, status updates or personal messages. Soliciting DU members for other sites, communities or platforms is strictly prohibited and will result in an irreversible site-wide permanent ban.

15. News Posting
There are a few specific rules and guidelines to follow for posting news articles and reviews in the Gaming Lounge.

  • Do not use any swearing or obscene language in the post. These posts are displayed on DU's home page and thus should be kept as professional and clean as possible.
  • Although news articles are primarily posted by News Hounds, anyone may post a news article if it follows these guidelines.
  • News is not to be considered "reserved" for anyone. First person to find and post the article posts it and that is that. Please do not fight about this, especially in the public shoutbox.
  • If an article includes outside links, either reformat their article and place those links inside hide tags, or remove them altogether.
  • Please be aware of rule #10 and #14 as to what kind of links are permitted. Please remove any links to sites that violate either of those rules.
  • You must include a source at the bottom of the article, before your own comments.

We at DU value our great community of dedicated and hard-working members. Our rules are not unreasonable so we expect that all members abide by them as we want everyone to have the best DU experience they can. We thank you for your cooperation and hope that you enjoy your time here with us ?

~DarkUmbra Administration
The administration team reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines with or without proper notice.