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  2. [MEGA] Dance on Broadway (WBFS NTSC-U)

  3. Just Dance 2018 [SE8E41] - NTSC

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  5. Homebrew Channel

    Eureka, I've got it working. Wiiflow is installed and the kids are happy. Summary of what happened; - after modding the wii a while ago, I decided to do a factory reset - wii would not get the letterbomb, to get HBC installed - restored a old nand, which basically (soft)bricked the wii - did a recovery with ohneswazenegger, still no luck on letterbomb - tried my old nand one more time, with a different sd card - Succes; got my HBC back - Installed Wiiflow and we're good to go! Conclusion: make sure you have bootmii installed and you have a nand backup!!!! (I think there's an issue with my sd card reader and luckily with HBC I was able to use USB) Hope this helps someone some day! And thanks XXmodded for taking the time to reply!!!
  6. Its super, thanks It's Ok, thanks Superrrr
  7. [1F] [UTB] 11 Titles

    More games in the list than I was expecting
  8. Homebrew Channel

    I am new ti Wii modding, so I don't have a specific answer for you at this point, but I would suspect that doing a system reset was not the way to go to start from scratch (from what I read). Unfortunately, you will have to wait for somebody else to respond. I would have just wiped the SD clean and started there and not done anything with a system reset and then update the IOS via wad's and then update apps as needed. Not sure that is the right way to do it, but that is what I have been doing during my trial and error process of getting certain things going ...like WiiFlow and emunand. Soon I may have to ask for help. The rest I have going nice and smooth, but this last thing is a pain in the arse. After jumping on IRC...looks like that topic is not to be discussed for legal reasons. If you can't get them going, you probably could find a console for under $30 and get going again and then have a side project Good luck and if there is something more that I find out, I will update the post! I would definitely look over the guide I posted in post #4 ...a lot of info there too! Look at the process below: [Hidden Content]
  9. everytime i start up donkey kong and i pick to play as 1 player i get static after the loading screen... any1 else has this and how to fix?
  10. Homebrew Channel

    OK... probably against all "rules" I tried to restore my old nand backup again, but this time with succes. Got my homebrew cannel back and it actually works too, so that's cool. How do I proceed from here? Install CIO's? wadmanager? I have a feeling I'm almost there...
  11. "insane" bandwidth because of this file, i'm cleaning up the server because of this.
  12. Intellivision set up on Wii

    Hi I have been trying to set up intellivision jzintvwii emulator on my Wii ,read all the set up at home brew,etc,just seem to get sd card set up correctly, when I go to home brew on my wii, and click on the jzintvwii emulator it says no path found, I have a Rom file set up with roms and bios on the root,please help if you can,thanks
  13. Homebrew Channel

    When I go to the SD storage menu, and insert an SD card, it tells me "the device inserted in the SD Card Slot cannot be used". I've tried 3 cards now. The last one I tried is a Sandisk 2GB SD card. I'm at a loss here... I've tried formatting FAT and FAT32
  14. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (US) WiiU

  15. Homebrew Channel

    I have softmodded the wii before, but wanted to do a reset and start over. Did a factory reset, which went well, but letterbomb didn't work after the reset. Tried a nand restore, but that basically bricked the wii; after the initial start-up screen, the screen went black after pressing "A". Did a recovery with ohneswazenegger. That revived the wii and I can get into the normal wii menu, but still no letterbomb It's running 4.3U and I'm using a normal SD card. I think the card that I'm using, and has worked before, might be broken. Going to get a different one and try again.
  16. Hi there! While everybody is playing on switch I just bought a Wii U!
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