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  2. Gamename

    AMF Bowling Pinbusters! (WBFS PAL)

    thx !
  3. MAFIA_Pao

    Resident Evil 0 (XCI + NSP)

    Does the switch version have no subtitle? Because I downloaded it and the subtitle option is disabled, nor English caption I can't !
  4. boss_leox

    Castlevania Classics Collection for Nintendo Switch

    why is the logo of this game white , icant even install
  5. any Chance of a persona 5 and metal gear solid 5 reupp?
  6. really appreciate if someone say thanks for the post 👌
  7. Today
  8. thanks for the uploads cobra
  9. TurboSnail

    Resident Evil 0 (XCI + NSP)

    Added eShop version Google Drive Wonder what the difference between the two?
  10. Turbo, I just noticed the previous version posted and this one they share the same title id, also, the old one if the language of your switch is set to Japanese the title on top of the game icon is in Japanese... it seems they are the same... does the audio language differs in this one?
  11. mrdude

    Manga - (x8)

    I've Updated this Home Screen theme to work on x8 firmware: Manga Tested on SXOS - emunand running 8.x firmware. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  12. thank you Mr.danny! PS. Is it my browser or the link doesn't appear at all? ...or is it the file it's still uploading?
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