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  2. thanks
  3. Didnt work for me on 6.2 did a quick update to 7.0.1 using choidujournx... installed no problem with goldleaf and started right up cheers
  4. pandirulo

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    question, even do I am at 7.0.1 from xs, do I need to install the upxdate with goldleaf? doesnt it update with normal sx in 7.0.1?
  5. mzface

    [WBFS] Super Mario Galaxy 2.5 NTSC

    Thanks for sharing
  6. mzface

    Collection of wii games on google drive

    Im in ,thanks for sharing
  7. roning

    [GD] Katana Zero - reNXpack (NSP)

    Works perfect in 6.2 with update and many lenguages so.... THANKS!
  8. pandirulo

    (MEGA) Mortal Kombat 11 [US] {XCI + NSP} + Update

    do you need goldleaf to install the update? why cant you install the update with normal sx? thanks
  9. Samugg

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    which adds the update ?, game modes, characters ?, because the base version works correctly without the update
  10. do you need goldleaf to install the update? why cant you install the update with normal sx? thanks
  11. hi friend how are you, try installing it with Gold Leaf that allows you to remove the firmware check of the game, so install it on my console, 7.0.1 I leave the link goldleaf greetings. GodLeaf: [Hidden Content]
  12. player2301

    Mortal Kombat 11 (XCI + NSP) + Update

    thank you bro x
  13. thanks very much bud
  14. Hi Turbosnail. Thank you for the upload but unfortunately I am getting an error of an invalid NSP when I try to load. I am on firmware 6.2 using OS 5.3. I also get this with another game of yours A Dark Room. Would it possible for you to repack them please.
  15. zuka

    All PC Applications (updated daily)

    Simlab Composer 9.1.15 (x64) Multilingual | 295.6 Mb Simlab Composer is a complete, easy, affordable and feature rich solution enabling you to communicate your 3D ideas with ease. Start with any 3D model, and bring it to life with SimLab Composer to utilize it in marketing, manuals, training, user feedback, education and much more. Features in SimLab Composer 9: A brief summary with regards to the new updates that have been made in SimLab Composer 9 : Scene Building: -Search by name Animation - Animation Auto Ease options (Auto Ease Out, Auto Ease In, and Auto Ease). - New Animation Time-line tools: Capture keyframe for object, Go to previous/next keyframe, and Select all keyframes on Animation Time-line. - (Enhancement) Better layout for Animation Time-line tools. HTML/WebGL - Added support for SimLab 360s Grid Technology. - Added support for Light Baking (Light Baking is similar to Texture Baking but it gives the user the ability to change material of objects). - Added support for sun light -Added support for shadow from sun, which can be enabled or disabled by the user. - Added support for Visualized Scene Options (lists) - (Enhancement) Better appearance for materials - (Enhancement) Better navigation: Smoother camera navigation with mouse movement in spin mode. - (Enhancement) Better looking message boxes. - (Enhancement) Camera transition among Scene States 3D PDF - Added support for Visualized Scene Options (lists). VR - SimLab 360s Grid Technology for SimLab FREE VR Viewer, SimLab FREE AR/VR Mobile Viewer, and HTML/WebGL: load and move among 360 degree images. - Make Video: View video clips in SimLab FREE VR Viewer and SimLab FREE AR/VR Mobile Viewer. - Event-Response System: SimLabs Event-Response System used for endless possibilities in your VR experiences, which also includes location-based triggers. - VR Training: A state-machine-based system used for endless possibilities in your VR experiences, which also includes location-based triggers. Render - Render Animation using SimLab FREE VR Viewer: New rendering mode using the VR Viewer. Simlab Free VR Viewer - Added support for SimLab 360s Grid Technology. - Scene Building Mode: Dedicated mode where you can move, rotate, scale, copy, delete, and hide/show objects. - (Enhancement) Improved two hands interaction with VR scene elements in VR mode. - (Enhancement) Improved grabbing (grabbing with two hands) in VR mode. - (Enhancement) Improved VR navigation (fixed old issues and added rotation) in VR mode. - (Enhancement) Improved Scene Modes activation for Large Navigation, Lists, and Scene Building. - Circular menu for switching among modes. - Activation of List mode shows all list pins existing in scene. - Users can now have two FREE private catalogs (up to 60 package) - Users have the ability to edit or delete their own packages. System Requirements: Intel or AMD processor Windows 64-bit (7, 8, or 10) Any graphics card with 256 MB or more (either dedicated or shared) 2 GB of RAM or more 2 GB of free hard disk space Monitor resolution of 1440 X 900 or greater Home Page - Download link: Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction WPS Office 2019 v11.2.0.8321 Multilingual | 116.1 Mb WPS Office 2019 is the powefull office suite, which can open almost any file type fully compatible with Microsoft Office and save your documents as a PDF. WPS Office includes three state-of-the-art office programs. Word text processor, Presentation creator and Spreadsheet program for data processing and data analysis. Features: Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel Supports DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT and more Easily switch between open documents using our Priority Tabs featureWPS Office screeshot Quickly share documents with built in emailing function Keep your work safe with auto-save Keep your work protected with document encryption One small file includes Presentation, Writer and Spreadsheet Optional spell check language packs available Writer: Fully compatible with Microsoft Word Rich text, paragraph and shape formatting features Make quick changes to margins and spacing using our Paragraph tool Advanced collaboration features including track changes, spell check and comments Numerous page layout tools And more Spreadsheets: Fully compatible with Microsoft Excel Over 160 formula and function shortcuts Supports pivot tables, freeze frames, sorting, table styles and more Create multiple worksheets Insert charts including bar, pie, line and column Edit cell categories (number, text, percentage, etc.) Supports over 1M rows and 10K columns Advanced text and table formatting features Optional support for VBA Macros Presentation: Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint Beautifully designed user interface Advanced text, paragraph and shape formatting features Add photos, videos, sound and more to presentations Insert and edit graphs, charts and tables Includes dozens of templates View notes in presenter mode And much more Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10 Home Page - Download link: Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
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