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  2. Emrah1925

    SNES Forwarder Pack

    Thanks. It works perfectly. I would like to ask "Tetris & Dr. Mario" Convert to nsp?
  3. trashweaboo

    [Request] Fire Emblem Three Houses nsp

    My CE will probably arrive around 3 days before street date but im 100% sure that a public Leak has happened by then. So just hope for a the best.
  4. LOST ORBIT Terminal Velocity [010054600AC74000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  5. Forklift - The Simulation [01006A900EB1A000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Forklift - The Simulation [01006A900EB1A800][v1.1.0][v65536] [Hidden Content] English OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  6. TurboSnail

    👍 Distrust

    Distrust [01002F300D9CE000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  7. Let's Sing 2019 [USA][010062200CAD2000] [NSP] [Hidden Content] Let's Sing 2019 [USA][010062200CAD2000] - 7 DLC [Hidden Content] English, French, German, Italian, Spanish OneDrive [Hidden Content]
  8. Today

    👍 Super Robot Wars T (NSP + XCI) + DLC + Update

    Custom Xci crash in firmware 8.1.0 SX OS Ver 2.8!!!
  10. big thanks for this
  11. LOST ORBIT Terminal Velocity [010054600AC74000] [NSP] Release Date : 16/07/2019 Genres : Action, Adventure Mode : Single Player Languages : English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish [Hidden Content]
  12. DaDirtiest

    Your Shape (WBFS NTSC-U)

    gotta check this out
  13. Forklift: The Simulation [01006A900EB1A000] [NSP] Release Date : 16/07/2019 Genres : Simulation Mode : Single Player Languages : English [Hidden Content]
  14. Distrust [01002F300D9CE000] [NSP] Release Date : 16/07/2019 Genres : Adventure, Strategy Mode : Single Player Languages : English, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian [Hidden Content]
  15. im trying to sort out my DLCs lol i have the extra mission and that lil robot side missions lol random question- do you have super dragon mission free updates? the recent online ones??
  16. the update 1.13 gives us the free content, if u dont install the ultra pack 1 and 2 the extra characters and the missions dont appear. The new content works for you?
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