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  2. Do i install all 16gb to update from v1.0.1 to v1.0.2 ??
  3. Yolohorn

    Newer super mario World U (DROPBOX)

    thx for the Game-.................
  4. hello friend how are you, could you run the game or did you have to update ?, Greetings.
  5. hello friend how are you, I do not understand what you wrote xD, if you have any problem let me know greetings.
  6. jguerreroska

    Mortal Kombat 11 (NSP) [GAME+UPDATE] [MF-MG-GD]

    hello friend how are you, look at 6.2 I have not checked, I know you could try install it with the GoldLeaf and allowing it to install without firmware verification, I'll test it in 7.0.1 with atmosphere 0.8.8 and walk in luxury tango game base as update, any questions let me know greetings.
  7. Detective Conan Skateboard Run Kid Eshop [JPN] [01002C800C6FE000][v0] Direct Link:- [Hidden Content] Follow Me To See All My Uploads and Updates....
  8. It's granted to players via loot boxes which in turn requires an online connection so if you're banned, there's no way of getting them. Same goes for any game that has loot boxes such as Trials Rising etc (if anyone knows of a method to get this loot or unban consoles to enable such in-game rewards, that would be cool). Fatalities can be unlocked by searching the button inputs online and performing them.
  9. The characters aren't available yet. This just unlocks them when the update comes out that adds them into the game. The game isn't even out yet so it'll be a while
  10. Dragon Dogma cant be played, it asks to update the game. and i already install the update (NSP) but the game still said to update. what is wrong?
  11. Hello install sx os cheat mk 11 to open frost ok how to unlock collection? skin? fatality? all locked data.
  12. Today
  13. Yolohorn

    [WBFS] Newer Super Mario Bros Wii Summer Sun PAL

    thx and have a nice time...............
  14. thanxxx mate, keep up the excellent work!! @TurboSnail PS. Could you please post the NSP version of THE 麻雀 (THE Mahjong)? [Hidden Content]
  15. the japanese version link is down, please re-post!
  16. Moto Rush GT [NSP] OneDrive link not working
  17. milo1983

    The Lego movie 2

    Can some one pls u upload the 1.2 up date .
  18. GamesAreFun420

    [RELEASE] RetroArch Movie Player!

    Retroarch does not offer exfat support, meaning if you have any issues, the developer will not help you. Personally I have used exfat for almost a year now & have never experienced corruption.
  19. Yolohorn

    Collection of wii games on google drive

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