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    TUTORIAL 1FICHIER PREMIUM FREE MAXIMUM SPEED DOWNLOAD FREE YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY PREMIUM Step 1. Register at 1Fichier.com and log into your account: [Hidden Content] registration is completely free. Step 2. In your account has 10 GB of free premium download without paying anything, now go here: Step 3. Activate "Use my Credits for my Own Downloads" Step 4. Disable the option of encrypted downloads, you can increase the download speed in "Force the downloads without SSL" Activate "Do not use SSL for my downloads" Info: In your free account only has 10 GB of credit, you can create a different account again, you can use a temporary Email: [Hidden Content]
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    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server We've been working on something really exciting for you guys over the last few weeks and today we're finally announcing it – welcome to the official DU Discord! The new Discord server will open up a whole new avenue for our members to gain access to help and support as well as a great channel for connecting with other members of the community. While we're sure that this new addition will bring a lot more to DU, we have taken some precautions to ensure the server remains as clean and spam-free as possible. As a result, in order to access the server, you must connect your Discord account with DU. Once connected, your on-site privileges, roles and even username colour will sync over to the Discord. Please be aware that all rules that we expect to be followed on-site will apply on the Discord server. Any misconduct on the Discord constitutes an actionable offence on DU itself. Just keep on being the awesome people we know you are and there won't be any issues I'm sure If you need a refresher, we suggest reviewing the official DU rules Finally, I'd like to personally thank @Zazaaji and CoffeeRobot for coordinating this new project and @Larsenv for first introducing me to the idea of an official DU Discord server! Thanks! We're really excited about this and we hope that you will all find this useful! Welcome to our Discord Connect to Discord