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    Guitar Hero Request!

    By kokokool,
    Hi guys is there a chance to make A Guitar Hero custom from: Paul Mccartneys Unplugged Eric Clapton Unplugged   It would be perfect for our collection!! Thanks in advance.

    xbox one xdk version info

    By madyic,
    so i was able to get my hands on xbox one xdk version. apparently this cant be used to play normal retail games? i tried a disc and its says error? anybody has more information on the xdk stuff? i cant event update it as it just gives me error. im going to try and update it offline right now.

    Wiimms MKW Fun 2019-06 (WBFS NTSC-U)

    By Larsenv,
    Wiimms MKW Fun 2019-06 Game Description: Wiimms MKW Fun 2019-06, the successor of Wiimms MKW Fun 2019-03, is a Custom Track Distribution made by Wiimm with much help from Leseratte. This is the first MKW-Fun distribution based on the LE-CODE by Leseratte. LE-CODE allows up to 4000 custom tracks, enables battle arenas and supports the Korean version of MKW. Download Here: MediaFire: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    [GUIDE] KEFIR Updater - Link Nintendo account by one-click!​

    By mammt,
    What is it? Kefir Updater is a homebrew for Nintendo switch, which can update Kefir or add linked Nintendo account by one-click! Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. is an Aio Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch (Atmosphere with sigpatches or SXOS + software) Kefir Updater can be used for add linked Nintendo account to a banned console. Yes, works on banned consoles!!! The program need internet connection to works. It doesn't connect to Nintendo servers at all but it connects to the developer's FTP server to fetch the required files to replace the switch profiles. When you have WiFi connection active, make sure to disable automatic system updates on [System Settings Options] or use 90DNS to avoid accidentally updating the console. REMEMBER: Before link the account, backup all saved files using tool like Checkpoint. During the process, all previous account data are wiped.   CHANGELOG 0.3.0: [Added] Now you can add linked account by one-click [Updated] General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. [Added] System themes support [Added] Auto update application [Updated] General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. [Fixed] Check internet connection before any download [Updated] General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.   Why i need linked account? Because some game/game-updates need a Nintendo linked account to to works! (Es.: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night)     --> Instruction for add Linked Account <-- WARNING: Any old accounts are deleted. Before use this feature dump all your saves (use Checkpoint). 1. Download KefirUpdater.nro 2. Put it into sdmc://switch/ folder 3. Run Kefir Updater from hbmenu
      4. Click [Add linked Account] 5. On warning message (All games saves will be lost - Dump it first), click [Inject] to continue 6. Click [Yes] on next warning message to confirm and continue 7. The process will be completed on few second.... 8. Click [Yes] to reboot your console on RCM mode. Linked account is now added to your console. Enjoy After that, edit new account as you like and restore all savedata using Checkpoint.   DOWNLOAD: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  

    [XBOX ONE / 360] Black Ops 2 Mod menu for Zombies

    By wiicrew,
    Load up the Zombies side of the game! Go to the leader board, and change friends to all. Click on the #1 top persons videos. Watch video 3 to install the Mod menu. Make sure you watch the video till it stops. Not til the timer ends. This menu is great! Freeze zombies, god mod, unlimited ammo. Everything that you would want in a mod menu. Also there is an achievements unlocker in the menu that will unlock a few more that the other tutorial I posted did not! If you find this useful please like this. Thanks and Have fun! Use responsible!

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