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    Who is the hacker upsidebob??? why is he important to switch hacking community???

    By matt6969,
    there is a growing movement in the switch homebrew community and I was helped by some named upsidebob. I bricked my Nintendo switch and he did something and got it back running with me following his instructiions and I was scared to trust him at first but the guy was right... that lead me to research about him and I cant find anything before the Nintendo port discord was made? he never asked for anything in return he helped for hours then he disappeared and now I cant get into that private discord to thank him. is he a good hacker or a bad hacker who just desided to fix my switch im an adult but I feel baffled at the fact everyone else tried to screw me over that's how it got bricked in the first place listening to the wrong person. a girl told me that Nintendo hates upsidebob im still trying to understand what an upsidebob is? is it something or is it just a random name? if anyone is in that discord can I please get an invite. I swear im a normal person not someone from Nintendo lol. this guy is like john titor he came out of nowhere stated a bunch of shit that sounded unreal then did it and all I did was follow his instructions and my system is now working. last thing im not from a hacking background or anything like that was he even real? like a guardian angel who saved my 300.00  never got to thank him so I guess thank you mr. upsidebob for now the mystery ensues

    unbrick 3ds?

    By huskyperro1,
    Sorry if this isnt where i should post this but i need help with my new 3ds. The system still turns on after a brother of mine tried to update the firmware from luna to ofw. System reads.  "An error has occurred: Failed to apply 1 FIRM patch(es) Press any button to shutdown" Is there any recovery mode available on the luna cfw that i can try to access? Or should i just try and reflash with r4 gold? Id love for someone to get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Mario kart descarga

    By Rodriguez12,
    recomiéndenme juegos de mario por favor, gracias

    Dolphiilution problem.

    By LP76,
    How do I work with the Dolpiilution application, when Dolphin 5.0 has no 'user' folder? Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  <--- Dolphiilution Download link. Dolphiilution basically patches ISOs for custom game hacks. It's WIT powered. The application requires the "User" folder for some apparent reason. I think this was made when Dolphin 3.0 or 4.0 was the newest version, so it may be a different folder now. Trying to patch custom levels and textures into a Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii ISO, btw.

    Gamecube emulator?

    By selador64,
    Hi guys, I'm seeing Gamecube game ISOs knocking around in Switch ROM threads. Can anyone point me in the right direction to learn how to install Gamecube games on my Switch? Currently running SX OS on SX GEAR  Thanks

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