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    Signal K-drama review

    By faith.genesis.raven,

    Cover download failure in wiiflow for roms

    By houdinilogic,
    I have somehow gotten to this point but am stuck not being able to download covers for non-wii/gc games and the suggestions I've found so far didnt work or didnt make sense to me. I'm not sure what would be the most relevant information but here is my vbagx.ini file [PLUGIN]
    romdir=03 GBA

    Quantum Break Review For The Xbox One

    By faith.genesis.raven,

    Team-Xecuter Releases SX OS v1.2

    By faith.genesis.raven,
    source email Download from Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    [WII] DU Ocarina's Cheats Guide

    By JaxRippeer,

    We Do Not Condone Online Cheating and You will Not be given any help with such. DU Ocarina Guide
    Hopefully the DU staff will agree to provide support for Ocarina codes in a limited way.  These can be very useful when teaching your 3 year old how to play super mario bros, infinite lives can help to quell frustrations.  Online cheats should never be used.  This affects the game play for other users, and will not be condoned or supported here. Side Effects
    It is important to note that the use of cheats can sometimes cause unintended side effects, which may affect the game's playability or function.  Before reporting any issue with loading games/functionality, please turn off all cheats and verify that the behavior is the same without this enabled.   Essentially what is happening here is someone has reverse-engineered the code for the game and effectively "short-circuited" it in some way to accomplish specific behaviors.  This can be a dicey proposition, and is not guaranteed to work for everyone.   
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