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    JDownloader Help

    By YoshiNurijumi,
    Ok....so theres not much to learn here actually. Im just gonna give you one of the popular link down loaders! Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. The way this works is just unrar and install, then all you have to do is open it after you installed it. Then once you opened it up, just copy the link or links and it will automatically copy the files to d/l! Then when you see the files, right click them (or collapse by the minus button then right click) and click on continue with selected packages and BAM...there goes your D/L!!! You can also do multiple d/l's and you may "queue" up whatever you want too!!!! CONGRATS AND ENJOY!!!!

    [Wii] Monster Hunter Tri NTSC-U FIXES

    By YoshiNurijumi,
    PLEASE POST ANY MONSTER HUNTER TRI NTSC-U FIXES HERE! UPDATE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE! Ill start with 1 find! I have tested the game out on usb loader gx and NOTHING WORKED. Tested on WiiFlow (newest build...WiiFlow_r42_222...supports fat32 AND wbfs Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. Download the .dol file here. Select the game and hit the settings button, select the ISO selection (2nd page) and load it with 222. Hit play and you can play off your USB Hdd!!!!

    download limit by pass for jdownloader

    By *BD*,
    this is not mine i do not take any credit for this but i was asked for it so here it is: I know downloading from jdownloader can be frustrating. especially with the hoster problem wait...well here is a solution for all users who have a direct connection from computer to modem and windows OS....you have to follow this step by step or it won't work 1. go to your start menu and click on run 2. type in cmd and click ok 3. at the command prompt type Ipconfig/all (to see your ip address)(this is also one of the only step you can skip but if you never done this do this for matching purposes) 4. then type Ipconfig/release (this delete's your ip address) 5.now go to your start menu again and click on your control panel 6. go to network connections and open it 7. right click on local area connection and go to properties and open it 8. under the general tab you will see a list. under this list go to internet protocol(tcp/ip) click it once then click the properties button right under the list 9. under the general tab click on the dot that says use the following ip address 10. in the ip address box type then press the tab key on your keyboard and it will automatically set your subnet mask for you 11. then click the ok button to apply 12. then click the ok button on the local area connection window to apply also 13. go back into your start menu again and go to your control panel again and open it 14. go back into network connections again 15. right click on local area connection again and go into properties again 16. under general tab click on internet protocol again and then click the properties button again 17. this time you will click on the dot that says obtain an ip address automatically 18. click the ok button to apply 19. then click the the local area connection's ok button to apply 20. go back to that command prompt window and type Ipconfig/all to see your new ip address.(you could skip this too but you want to match it up with your old ip address to make sure) 21. go to your task bar tray located on the bottom of your computer screen and right click on the jdownloader icon and go to stop download 22. right click the icon again and go to start download.....the files you were downloading will now continue to download.... If u failed to receive a new ip address its because you did'nt follow this tutorial word for word and you will have to reset your modem and the ip address it gives you will last for a very short time and you will be back in the same boat.....so please follow it....have fun! don't forget to plus rep

    [Wii] How to detect if your wii can read backup discs

    By *BD*,
    this is not mine i did not write it nor do i take any credit for it however i was asked to get this for a member of our site so here it is: Steps to find out if your Wii is one of the d3-2 drives: - Google "Wii Drive Chip Database" and click on the first search result - Enter the serial number from the bottom of your Wii and if you have the d3-2, it will say: "There is a XX% chance the chipset is GC2-D3-2 (v2) with no drive chip." From what I've read, the only way you will ever be able to play a burned DVD on these Wiis is: - replace the DVD drive with an older one - use a newer gen hardmod, such as wiikey fusion, sundriver or WODE - use a USB HD for backups - THERE IS NO SOFTMOD SOLUTION TO MAKE THESE READ DVD DISCS Other News and Warnings: - From what I've heard ALL new Black Wiis contain this chip and are unable to read any discs other than Nintendo retail discs - If you send your Wii in for repairs, especially if your issue involves the disc drive, there is a very good chance they will replace your old drive with one of these new D3-2 ones From troy512: UPDATE: I WOULD LIKE TO PUT TOGETHER A LIST OF D3-2 SERIALS AND THE POSSIBLE ERROR CODES. IF YOUR WII DOES CONTAIN OR YOU BELIEVE YOUR WII MAY CONTAIN THE GC2-D3-2 CHIPSET, PLEASE POST THE FIRST 6 OR 7 DIGITS OF YOUR SERIAL NUMBER AND THE ERROR CODE YOU GET WHEN TRYING TO PLAY A GAME FROM DVD-R. There will never be a softmod fix for these drives. ITS PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO READ DVD±R DISCS! If your Serial Number is higher than these you may have a D3-2 drive: Australia LAH1147XXXXX Europe LEF121XXXXXX LEH2671XXXXX LEM100XXXXXX Japan LJFXXXXXXXXX LJHXXXXXXXXX LJMXXXXXXXXX No Known Serials at this time Korea LKMXXXXXXXXX No Known Serials at this time Malaysia LSH1001XXXXX USA / Canada / South America LU7012XXXXX LU3882XXXXX LU1130XXXXX United Arab Emirates LMH1005XXXXX List of Possible Errors when trying to load DVD-R NeoGamma - DVD Read Error (972) NeoGamma - DVD Read Error (1051) NeoGamma - DVD Read Error (1054) Softchip - loctl error (DI_ReadID)

    WiiDS - DS Emulator for Wii in development.

    By GK_hybrid,
    Arikado, developer of DOP-Mii v12 and DOP-IOS Mod has recently posted on his blog that WiiDS a DS Emulator for Wii is in development. Check it out... Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. What do yo think? Please don't ask for a release date, as one has not been provided and will not be provided.

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