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    New Wii Bundle

    Guest anumizter
    By Guest anumizter,
    Walmart announced that they will have a new bundle which contains the Wii and Wii Sports game with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Motion Plus. Why is it worth it to buy this bundle? It is said to be sold at $199 USD which is the same price the Wii is at right now. Even Canada will have this deal =D Nintendo needs to do this kind of stuff to get its butt to the top once again this year.

    Super Meat Boy (Gameplay Footage)

    Guest anumizter
    By Guest anumizter,
    This game is going to be awesome =D It is going to be challenging and fun, it seems to contain a lot for just a WiiWare game. Credz to IGN for the footage

    Megaman 2.5D Trailer

    Guest anumizter
    By Guest anumizter,
    Look at this unique new Megaman. Pretty sick in my opinion: lol, it isn't for the Wii.

    Game you would most like to see release 4 the Wii

    By darthtron,
    I personally would love to see a new Boogerman game. I would also love a new game based on lesser/Forgotten Sega Characters. This could happen one of two ways or both: either the characters getting new games in their respective franchises or a game similar to the plot/story line from Epic Mickey. What are you guyses "picks"? -DarthT

    Metroid Other M 2010 Trailer

    Guest anumizter
    By Guest anumizter,
    It seems like there is a more in depth story and more character development in this Metroid than in any other. IT HAS TALKING IN IT!!!

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