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    Nintendo announces new 3D-enabled DS

    By Nexxus,
    Less than a week before the latest -- and largest -- in the best-selling Nintendo DS series of handhelds hits streets, the company has unveiled plans for its successor: a new DS model capable of displaying three-dimensional images without the need for glasses. The new portable -- currently named the "Nintendo 3DS" -- will be compatible with all current Nintendo DS games, including those for the machine's most recent model, the DSi. Nintendo plans to release more information on the new device at the E3 video game trade show in June and to release the device itself sometime before March 2011, the company said in a press statement. It's not yet known how the 3DS will produce its visuals, but early speculation has centered around face-tracking technology, which uses a built-in, front-facing video camera to detect where the player is looking and shifts the perspective of the game's view accordingly. At least one Nintendo DSi game, 3D Hidden Picture, already uses the tech, but it's also possible Nintendo could have something completely new in mind. But although venturing into the third dimension is something of a surprise move for the company -- which has been critical of the burgeoning 3D gaming trend recently -- it won't be their first portable 3D system. The Virtual Boy, released amid the mid-90s virtual reality craze, could display monochrome 3D effects using a separate screen for each eye. But doomed by a dearth of games and terrible consumer reaction, the system was rapidly discontinued. It's still remembered as one of Nintendo's few missteps. It's also a curiously timed announcement, coming just a week before Nintendo's new extra-large DSiXL goes on sale in North American retailers. The new machine will carry screens 93% larger than the current DSi, a larger stylus, and extended battery life, and will come with a suite of pre-installed software that includes two titles from the popular Brain Age series.

    Usb Compatability list

    By Nexxus,
    This will hopefully become a list of known tested good usb Devices compatible with wii. If you would like to contribute to the list post a Reply with name/make/ model and size of usb devce. If you post a reply I will assume its known tested good if other wise please tell me so.The list will start small but hopefully will grow as we add to it. 0GB+ AData: Adata Thumb Drive 8GB Corsair: Corsair Flash Voyager USB Flash Drive 16GB Dane-Elec: Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive 1GB Dane-Elec USB Flash Drive 4GB Duracell: Duracell USB Flash Drive 16GB Fujitsu: Fujitsu Hard Drive MHT2060AT 60GB Imation: Imation NanoPro USB Flash Drive 8GB Iomega: Iomega Select Hard Drive 1GB Sandisk: Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 16GB Kingston DTI: Kingston DTI Pendrive 8GB Lexar: Lexar JD Firefly USB JDFF8GB-00-5005 8GB Maxtor: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 E-H011-02-3880 3.5 Series in Akasa Integral eSATA enclosure 80GB Patriot: Patriot Exporter XT Flash Drive 8GB PNY: PNY Attache 1GB PNY Attache 2GB PNY Attache 4GB Sony: PSP 1000 Sony Memory Stick 1GB PSP 1000 Sony Memory Stick 16GB Sony Micro Vault USM8GH 8GB Sandisk: Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 8GB Sandisk Cruzer Flash Drive 16GB Sandisk Cruzer Micro 16GB SanDisk USB Flash/Thumb Drive 2GB Seagate: Seagate 2.5" mounted in USB to IDE Caddy 40GB Seagate Barracuda Sata 2 in a Calvary Enclosure 80GB Seagate Barricuda ATA IV 40GB Targus: Targus USB 2.0 Secure Digital/SDHC Card Reader/Writer & 4GB Kingston SDHC Toshiba Toshiba Transmemory 4GB Verbatim: Verbatim 16GB Western Digital: WD 80 GB Passport WDXML800UETN 100GB+ Seagate Seagate Free Agent Go 150GB Seagate 160GB (7200 SATA) Fujitsu Fujitsu 120GB 200GB+ Western Digital WD My Passport Essential WD25000MES-00 250GB 300GB+ Western Digital WD My Passport Essential WD32000MES-00 320GB 400GB+ 500GB+ HP: HP SimpleSave Portable Hard Drive 500GB Iomega: Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive 500GB Iomega Select 3.5' External HD 500GB Maxtor: Maxtor One Touch 4 Plus 500GB Seagate: Seagate Expansion External Drive Model ST305004EXA101-RK 500GB Western Digital: WD My Passport Essential WD5000MES-00 500GB 600GB+ 700GB+ 800GB+ 900GB+ 1TB+ HP: HP Simplesave Ext. Hard Drive 1TB Seagate: Seagate Expansion External Drive Model ST305004EXA101-RK 1TB Western Digital: WD Elements WDBAAU0010HBK 1TB WD My Book WDBAAF0010JBK 1TB WD Elements WDE1UBK10000N 1TB WD My Book Home Edition 1TB WD Elements WDE1UBK10000E 1TB WD My Book Essential WDBAAF0010HBK-NESN 1TB Western Digital WD10000H1U-00 1TB WD My Book Home Edition WMAVU0290787 1.5TB WD MyBook Essential WDBAAF0015HBK-NESN 1.5 TB 2TB+ Seagate Seagate Desktop External Drive 2TB

    [PSP] How to watch youtube on psp

    By SapphireSky,
    How to watch YouTube video on PSP directly with wifi internet? Because the PSP's web browser only supports an older version of flash, YouTube uses flash 9. If you want to watch YouTube on PSP directly with the wifi, you must upgrade the newest firmware for your PSP and install a flash player on your PSP. A Japanese developer NekoMiMi has achieved just that with PSPTube. Here are the steps: 1. Download the PSPTube and open the zip file from here PSP Downloads | PSPTube 20070812 BETA 2. Now before putting it in your PSP open the PSPTube.cfg file and press ctrl + F, and type in "DEV" press until you find Dev id="". 3. Ok now go to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. create an account and insert the account in between the parentheses. 4. Extract the PSPTube from the 200over folder and put it in GAME352 folder (Set the Kernel to the 352) Now open it in the PSP and Choose an internet connection with the Circle button, it may say no videos, press circle and you'll be able to search. Here is the control info: X: Cancel; O: Accept; L/R: Last/Next Page; Start: Pause; Select: Change aspect ratio (Original Size, Full screen)

    Calling - Wii

    By YoshiNurijumi,
    So I just got my game in the mail....played it....and nearly $%^&* myself!!!! Anyone else get that while playin this game?!

    PlayStation 3 Hacked By iPhone Jailbreaker George Hotz

    By Nexxus,
    iPhone hacker George Hotz announced he's hacked the "unhackable" PlayStation 3. Apple has wanted to give iPhone hacker George Hotz a stern talking-to for a while now, but it looks like Hotz may have a new tech nemesis brewing. George Hotz told BBC news that he has successfully hacked Sony's PlayStation 3 ÂÂand it only took him 5 weeks. Hotz claims he started the hack last summer, analyzing the console for about three weeks, and then finally cracked the PS3 in about two weeks not too long ago. The Sony PS3 was the only game console that had not been hacked ÂÂuntil now. Hotz told the BBC that he is not ready to reveal the full details of the hack but did describe the PS3 as a "very secure system." Hotz says the hack would allow people to play older PS2 games on their consoles and give gamers a new sense of freedom, since recent versions of the PS3 don't allow people to play PS2 games on the console. "I can now do whatever I want with the system,"  says Hotz. "It's like I've got an awesome new power" I'm just not sure how to wield it.' As we assumed, Sony is not taking this lightly and says it will be "investigating the supposed report" ÂÂbut we have some advice for you Sony (you listen up too Apple), either lock the kid up or hire him. You have to admit, Hotz has some skills.

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