[Help] Can't find title.tik file in a game downloaded by NUS Grabber.

    By RaphGamer12,
    I'm currently install a full game using WUP installer Mod 1.2.1 (by Yardape8000) but... "title.tik" is missing!
    All title.tik files are not available in full games for what ?
    Someone can help me ?

    Gamekeybin maker 1.1 for DiscU

    By Blubberman4U,
    With this tool you can paste an titlekey to create the needed gamekey.bin for DiscU without having to extract the WUD first. Just paste the 32 characters long titlekey in the input box and a gamekey.bin will be created in the program launch directory. As extra service it detects by program start if you have already a 32 characters titlekey in the clipboard and already fill it in.  Just press OK have fun! gamekey.bin_maker_101.rar

    Homebrew browswer crashing

    By spacedman,
    HELP! I switched on my wii today to download the NES emulator via the homebrew browser and normally it only takes a minute to check all the icons but this time it took over 30 minues. Next to each emulator or game it says "Image not found". When it has checked all the icons (all 577 of them) I start to scroll down the list to find the emulator, then it crashes. All the games i already have work. Do I need to letter bomb it again?


    By tiagowin,
    plis i need just dance 2017

    You Won't Be Able To Use The Nintendo Switch As a Second Gameplay Screen In Your Home

    By Tony,
    It seems that Nintendo is trying to distance the Switch from the Wii U so much, even the dual-gaming-screen feature that the Wii U had will not carry over to the Switch. According to Nintendo, “Nintendo Switch is dedicated to deliver a single-screen experience, on whatever screen you might choose”. You can play the console in its handheld form, or you hook it up to the TV and play it there. However, you won’t be able to have both. Nintendo has been very picky about what it talks about in interviews, so whatever information we hear about the Nintendo Switch will be few and far between, if we even get anything else this year at all.   source/MyNintendoNews  

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