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    Softmod Wii having Priiloader. Now what ?

    By PegasusII,
    Hello, i have a Wii with 4.3E. I successfully run all the steps from the guide here  Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. . Now i have Priiloader installed and i have make region free. So far so good. Now what should i do in order to download and try some games ? Do i have to search and download any game in a external hdd ? And how do i load it from there ? Any kind of information and help will be appreciated. Thank you

    [Tutorial] Bypassing MEGA Download Limit

    By eatyerface,
    As many of you know, a good chunk of content on here is hosted on MEGA. Instead of wasting money on a premium account or complex bypass methods, I'm here to show you how I download from MEGA without being greeted with that horrible download limit message. 4 words; Change your MAC address. There are lots of different software out there to accomplish this. Simply change your MAC address and open the MEGA link you wish to download and start your download. The software I use is called, "Technitium MAC Address Changer". When a download completes I change my MAC address again and go on to the next MEGA link. If the file is greater than the download limit however, this will not help you, at least, I haven't found a way to resume my download anyways. You can google the name of the software I use and download it for free. How To Change MAC Address via "Technitium MAC Address Changer"

    Plokoon's not64 Channel Forwarder Wad for the Wii

    By Plokoon,
    2017 Plokoon's not64 Channel Forwarder WAD I used a Wii64 Channel Forwarder to make this but I don't know the creator to give credit to.
    The logo is something I created so I take ownership of that.
    This has worked on several Wiis I have Softmodded so I don't see any problem with it not working for anyone else. If you find anything wrong, please address it in this thread. Thank you. Enjoy! Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    August 2017 - Member of the Month

    By Normanity,
    The Staff would like to announce our 38th Member of the Month Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.                                                             Sig courtesy of @Normanity @ExNihilo joined DarkUmbra in May 2016. A couple of months ago ExNihilo made contact for guidance regarding uploading games and since then has started indexes in the NTSCU, PAL, CUSTOM and DEMO sections. Nothing spectacular about that, it’s true. Many uploaders have done this in the past. What makes ExNihilo stand out though is the fact that the games being shared are probably nowhere else to be found on DU – in fact, many of them are almost impossible to find anywhere. We are sure all Wii fans out there still cherish the great console from Nintendo and many of you will be grateful that someone has taken the time and effort to post some sought after gems. @ExNihilo – I thank you for all you efforts and I am delighted to be the first to congratulate you on becoming our 38th Member of the Month. Can I ask other members to give your congratulations in the usual manner by posting a reply below.  

    [MEGA] [DROPBOX] Wii-DOOM [all files included] [+mods]

    By eatyerface,
    WiiDoom I did not port this game. I simply gathered the needed files and repacked them together. Refer to the source link if you're having any troubles. Credit goes to the original person who made this possible! You're awesome and I love you. Source: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. All music files included (except hecx & chex, if you can find those please let me know so I can reupload to include. IWADs included: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.   ! ! ! ! ! THIS WAS QUITE TIME CONSUMING, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO SAY THANKS ! ! ! ! ! Like the post to reveal the links. Enjoy!

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