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    [TV Show Review] Teen Titans GO

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    WTF seriously wtf ! there was already big issues within four seconds yes a matter of seconds Raven is a fantastic DARK character guess what is playing within a teddy pony and unicorn while watching tv of them at the same time your thinking no i've made a mistake and i meant to have said starface nope your wrong i repeat raven playing with teddy unicorn & pony ............................. facepalm seriously wtf i was actually sad in a matter of seconds which for me never ever happened before and i rarly felt sad watching a series or movie but this show is the closet thing to making me cry! moving on first of all lets talk about the graphics of the show as you most likely know its different from the old series like in the short previews for me i would've prefered for it to stay with the old graphics but the new ones aren't awful or anything that would've completely stopped me from watching Raven looks the best robin looks almost the same not extremely starfire aswell decent one minor issues i felt beast boy and cyborg looked very childish looking although liked i said its not a deal breaker opening tune... not really good but its only a matter of seconds rather than a minute so it goes away quickly compared to other series for me the aim of the show its not a bad a thing (dealing with situations that happen outside of saving the world) but IF they had continue on certain things were the old series left off BUT GUESS WHAT minor spoiler ahead they dont in any form since one of the early parts of ep 2 or 3 no one knew who raven's father was and raven had to explain to them this is one of a couple examples where it cleary shows that its disregarding everything that happened in big awesome eps of the old series lets read a line from the wiki page "The show is a follow-up" ............... no comment it isn't a follow up it acts like all the big events that happened in the old series never happened in the new series its a big slap in the face to all the fans why are cn doing this do they hate us ? probably also the old series is what 8 years old.... another mistake on why they made this new show tt go the way it is i was only early in my teen years when i first watch very first ep of the teen titans but ofcourse now im older but im saying that the fans huge audience of the old series wont be interested in this new one and those that did will quickly loose interest the best and only real good thing is series is that the main cast reprising their respective roles. i think thats what even maybe made it a bit addictive at the start even though i know its terribile they all do good decent jobs in the voice acting but sadly the other jobs are................. <---- not going to say anything about that other minor good thing was they way theyre doing the eps 2 stories in one ep i would've liked this alot if the eps werent as bad people a few parents were complaining about the old teen titans saying that the 3 episode arch of raven was too dark and scary... okay maybe they have a point fact is its on cartoon network but isnt the new series worse/ bigger problems ? minor spoilers ahead - cyborg gets his arm ripped off - beast boy get his teeth bashed in okay in the old series cyborg did get his leg ripped off but still.... also in a later ep in teen titans go minor spoiler cyborg is headless........ oh and probably the biggest one are the ready ? Robin in the laundry episode part is fully naked yes you see that right yes i say again fully NUDE okay not completely you cant see his thing but other thing which i thought was wrong is girls fans of teen titans taking of Robin naked but wait also the phones were aimed at his..... thing..... is this a kidz show ? liked i said for me thats worst and parents should complain more about that becuase thats just wrong okay im gonna rap this up now When i first heard about the show i was so excited i was smiling heck even jumping as one of my favourite shows when i was younger making a return BUT it only took a matter of seconds for cn to give me a big slap on my face its a big disgrace to show a beloved show / franchise and i wish someday teen titans will make a return either on anime or a videogame so the score out of ten i give 3/10 and its only 3 because of the main cast reprising their respective roles. without i probably would maybe even only give one out of 10 although fans that had so much hope may get a bit addicted to the show despite well i was gonna say its flaws but shorter would be almost everything it doesnt compare to the old series which i would give a 9/10 and a must watch approval but this new teen titans go SUCKS
    note you've been warned SCORE: 3 / 10 "A BIG Slap in the face from cartoon network" And I thought them cancelling scooby doo mystery incoporated was as bad they can do... well i guess im wrong now....

    [PS3 Review] Ranko Tsukigime's Longest Day

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Introduction Not really sure what to say this game kinda left me speechless. This game is certainly made by Suda 51. And I think this game tops any of their madness before!    Graphics/Sound Graphics are great nice anime look, good effects in the gameplay and cut scenes as well looks professional as if it was an actual anime   Gameplay I really liked the different game play elements at certain points of the game like usually during boss fights. "Most stages of the game involve Ranko running to the right of the stage, being chased. On the level's path are various enemies that can be defeated, which charges up Ranko's ammo in her sniper-violin, which can be used to shoot her pursuer if they get too close." There are different paths to take which is nice but other than affecting the difficulty it does not really do much else.   Story Story started off really well it was about a girl named Ranko. Secretly she is an assassin who plans on killing her evil father to avenge her mother's death. Then she was being chased by a group and having to do a different job then it all kicked off from there. Like it really started promising  but then the story got really bizzare confusing and weird it is by suda51 afterall so you can always expect it to be a bit bizzare but this... this reaches a whole new level by miles) then it suddenly went on to the final boss, Far too short of a game and I wished the story continued how it started without that... not even sure what to call it. madness!
    Play Time/Replayability
    1hr and there isnt much replay value with previously mentioned alternative paths do nothing. Only real replay value is to try and get the trophies but even then aparently it would only take 5 hours and it was not worth it for me to try, especially with how the game ended.   Final Recommendation At the start it showed promise but then.... it went.... a-wall   My Score: 4/10 Game was fun until it left your heading scratching....

    [PS3 Review] Natural Doctrine

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Natural Doctrine is a 2014 tactical role-playing game by Kadokawa Games for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Life lesson folks sometimes it may be best to check reviews before jumping right into a game even though sometimes I got lucky with Shadow Hearts which is an amazing game, but then there are other times like Trappi which was shit and you should know where I'm heading with this one....

    Graphics are terrible, now I'm not one who tends to focus on graphics
    but I do believe in standards per console, 
    this... looks below par ps2 graphics they probably should have gone more anime 
    rather than more realisitic, even if this was a launch title it would still be bad but it is a 2014 game. Sound nothing to complain about and nothing to praise about.

    Game play was interesting but flawed and with the rest of the game is not great or worse then the game play does not really matter as it is certainly not amazing. It tried taking gameplay elements from likes of xcom and fire emblem series. I would much rather play any of those games rather than this. It is an alright strategy rpg game which of course you need to have good strategy to win but I just do not care.

    Story & characters are not interesting at all. In rpg games story it is kinda a must. Here it is almost non existent as the game seemed to be more focusing on getting you to the game play. Then its with characters that I feel like I don't really know them...   The setting is within a universe where humans fight other races with magic and swords. Within a world of chaos, humans built the fortress city Feste as their home, and fought against other species. The protagonist, Geoff, is a guard soldier set out to clear out goblin dens to grant access to resources important for humankind.   That sounds actually kinda interesting but it never gets into it and a wasted chance as it never build from it as it is just a short excuse for each battle and never goes in deep of what could have actually been a good story.

    Play Time/Replayability
    Does this really matter, do you want to suffer? I tried 2 hours but I just did not overly enjoy my time.

    Final Recommendation Battle system is interesting but not great and that alone is not enough.
    My Score for Natural Doctrine is a 3/10 
    there's much better strategy rpg games than this.

    shakedown hawaii ps vita

    By masari,
    i looking for shakedown hawaii vpk or nonpdrm ?

    [K-Drama Review] Signal

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    When I was looking for a kdrama to watch, I saw signal on mydramalist which had a 9.2 rating score highest ranked kdrama and also it was is either a 9 or 10 on most other places so I had to watch this kdrama, so how was it? well it was good but not quite carling.   The concept was fantastic really clever in my opinion the communcation between the past and present worked very well   The first ep almost felt a movie it was very entertaining and most cases are like an ep and a half which works great when its a good case but then in others it felt dragged out and very repitive   ep 4 was a masterpiece great emotional ep which built up lee jang really well   It was well acted and also perfect picked cast, everyone suited their roles well and they all gave top class performances all round everyone showed good emotion   Park Hae Young is one dimensional character other than him suffering from the loss of his brother what else is there who is Park Hae Young? There was a girl who was helping him deciding on which university to go to, she appeared in like 3 scenes then never to be seen again....   I am not one who has to have romance in series etc... but I really feel that this k-drama needed it especially with cha because she just seems to be crazy ott over her crush   It could have been a sad tragic story but waiting for that moment it never came   Later eps lagged a bit one ep almost felt like nothing happened but luckily by then theres only 4 eps left   This could have been the best kdrama ever but a couple of things really holds it back The ending and the writer when I spend 16 hours watching something I want to have an ending Also even though a season 2 is possible   In my opinion wait to least when season 2 is confirmed if not then only watch this when you have nothing to watch   6.5/10

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