Minor System Crash - March 07, 2017

    By ShadowPuppet,
    We have experienced some small data loss caused by a hard disk failure on one of our servers. As a result, any activity (posts, registrations, shouts, messages, etc) will have been lost if they occurred between the hours of 4:26 AM EST on March 7, 2017 and 2:26 AM EST on March 8, 2017.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. These things happen and we are continually improving our architecture to minimize our exposure to these kind of issues. Thank you for your understanding. Cheers,


    By Mah,
      Is this true??? has the Wii U version been leaked already? If anyone wants to stay away from spoilers I don't blame them. However I'll be looking for the game and the story that goes with it. Still going to buy the switch version and download the wii u version to get it maxed out on the pc.    

    How many people are gonna buy the Switch?

    By AbsoluteMajesty,
    Basically the title. Kinda curious since I roam/lurk around in the Switch subreddit a lot and since this place specializes in Nintendo, maybe most of you are going to buy? Or some? I dunno, but yeah.

    Can somehow help I'm pretty new

    By CNuke24,
    Today I wanted to get the rest of the Beatles Rock Band DLC as the shop for it has closed and then I saw that there was a way through homebrewing and getting the correct wad. I did everything got a wad manager and put the DLC wad onto my sd card and found it on my wii went to install it and got the correct error code. However, when I went to start up the Beatles Rock Band there were no new songs is there something I'm missing this was my first time trying to install something like this so any help is greatly appreciated. I hope enough people still use this site to help me. I really want the Beatles Rock Band DLC so if there is another way as well I'm open to any options.

    Make a game able to emulate on Wii

    By wolfgee,
    Hi there friends, long time listener, first time caller.

    So I'm learning the science of game making lol. I want to make a little project that would be able to play on my softmodded Wii. Just something really really simple. Like exploring rooms or something like that.

    I really don't care the emulator, ideally wii or gc format but I'll settle for snes or similar, what emulator should I go for? So many option so little actually accessible.

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