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    upsizing the nitendo switch internal memory

    By zweiwei,
    found this tutorial.. best pro modding for upsizing switch internal memory tutorial.. thanks.. you are great sthetix      

    [WiiU Review] Mario Kart 8

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Well what do I have to say about Mario Kart 8 it's almost perfect   Biggest flaw is the battle mode is lame its just using the normal courses (which okay maybe is nice option to have) but as the only options and not to have the courses at all like the ones in mario kart 64 (which i still play from time to time even now) is sad i would've loved to see updated graphic ones of the mario kart 64 battle courses or any battle courses similiar to the previous games   maybe they'll have it in dlc or updates i hope so but sad that they didnt have it for release which in some ways i think is lazy because to have battle mode online would be much better with proper battle courses   next are more minor things   like still same amount of courses its not im complaining but why? couldn't they have more courses this time? or why not more classic courses because some of them with updated graphics would be amazing since certain classic courses from mk wii you cant play online anymore again maybe dlc but sad not to have more courses   courses are cool the new main ones are very cool i think they show off   but i'm kinda dissapointed with the classic courses like in other mario kart games they more memorable or more lively some just feel a bit generic/plain and boring although there was a few that looked amazing   graphics are amazing best looking mario game ever best looking wiiu game i'm very impressed with it its sad nintendo didnt start with 3d world or kart 8 because it couldve made things different for wiiu nintendo's recent games have shown what the wiiu can do   Although I do wish that there was more customization Like it would've been cool to something like the mii editor but a special one in mario kart 8 so anyone could create more characters Because one of my favourite kart games Modnation Racers there was no limits i was able to make any character batman, teen titans, firefly characters like anything!     My Score: 8.5/10   I would put up this score for sure if they fix some of the things i've mentioned and no captain toad     --------     Just doing a follow up to my earlier review which I posted here now I focus more online and a few other things   Online is good but could be better with a bit more   1-  I like the option to go into a race and you can play as many as you want until you want to quit after a race but I didn't like there was no quick option to do a quick grand prix where your locked in for 4 courses it would've been cool because it would show the most consistent player in 4 races rather than 1 separate race each time because I'm very good I usually get 3rd sometimes 2nd and 1st very rare times 5th and only once higher than 5th there's nothing to show for it other than your points tally which is okay but like I said could be better menu options should then be for example 1st option free to play 2nd quick grand prix 3rd tourament 4th battle mode etc...   2- Although not online specific, battle mode still sucks come on nintendo to have battle mode and online would've been awesome IF you had battle arenas rather than the normal courses....   3- Online Stats there's really no good interesting stats unless if I'm missing it would've been good for example how many times you finished each position wished for more detailed stats about race results there some stats in the menu via - but kinda sucks and doesn't represent how good you are   4- A good side is that it is stable I played the sports club before and remember how I encountered many issues in that game although it has improve but still not great (went off topic) but anyways here in MK8 its grand never had issues   5- one thing i can kinda pick on is that it can take a while to get into a race, it was quicker in mk7 there hasnt been a time yet where i'm able to jump in and alot i have to wait sometimes a full race but good thing is after there is no long waiting or anything but it can take a small time to get into next race when its waiting more players or for people to decide   6- Even though I'm happy about the dlc as it does add new characters & courses even though I did felt slightly that they could've done more before but I also feel that they can do much more like why stop at link or animal crossing (once it releases in may 2015) I like mario tanooki but wished he was already in the game, also where's the cat version of everyone ? why not captain toad... he's in a new recent nintendo game but they didnt give me a slot in mario kart 8 kinda weird because I would've released as an unlock or free dlc if you have bought captain toad wouldn't that have been a good idea I understand why they wouldn't do bayonetta but theres many more possibilites like sonic pokemon fire emblem characters from smash bros or other franchises as guests to promote games its just seems such a good idea which nintendo didnt do or even think of aiimbo support is cool but wished it gave you those characters rather than dress up   7- One other thing that I noticed was not in MK8 but was in another earlier mk game apparently was  you can't make a custom emblem which is disappointing because it would've been cool to have the DU logo I understand why it's not in it probably because people abused it in the last game but still...   My Review Score For Online is 7.5/10   It works but I felt it could've been better Like I don't mean to be critical but I felt that these things just stop MK8 from being forever legendary

    [PS4 Review] Horizon Zero Dawn

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Introduction Horizon Zero Dawn is an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It was released for the PlayStation 4 in early 2017. Made by Guerrilla Games who are known for the Killzone games and they try something really different here, but one thing that remains is the quality of their work.   Graphics/Sound The graphics are amazing, really good. everything from the scenery, characters and the machines. I'm blown away by them many times throughout the game. Def. close to being (if not) the best on PS4. Everything is high detail. Nice range of characters and scenery which does and shows different things but all done really well.   Gameplay I really enjoyed the gameplay the combat it is excellent with different ways to approach. With various weapons many which are different to each other unique and fun. Also with the possibility to stealth or try to override machines is great also. Combining the great graphics and sound this game is for sure a treat to play. There is plenty of exloring to do in the vast world of Horizon Zero Dawn.
    One minor issue I had is sometimes it is hard to see what you can climb up on (not clearly visible) Which lead me wandering around and around getting a bit frustrated.   Story Story is excellent although it did take me a bit to get into. Also I felt while the many side quests are great but I felt that some of the cutscenes during the side quests were not with the same care as other cut scenes. That would not be too bad but then adding that some scenes lasted why too long and it ended up feeling like a bit of mumbo jumbo and ended up slightly distracting from the main story. But please note that there are multiple side quests that have great side stories. Overall great but there parts it could have done without or just trimmed down a bit.   Play Time/Replayability Fantastic game length I spent many many hours playing this game (50+). This is a game where you do not need a guide to 100% it which I really welcome and I always felt motivated to try and complete everything. Also the trophies are good as they are not awkward to get but simply need to complete the game. I believe there is a fantastic amount of play time value. Although it is not a game I would probably replay any time soon but do not let that distract from how great this game is.   Final Recommendation If you can not tell by now i really enjoyed this game. Is it perfect? No but it is a pretty damn good game and a must play for the ps4.   My Score for Horizon Zero Dawn is a 9/10 After a slightly shaky start, this game really excels in many areas. It brings a new and unique experience with amazing visuals and gameplay with a pretty good story to back it up. If you have a ps4 seriously go buy it if you have not already

    Is my switched patched

    By vegaskid,
    https://ismyswitchpatched.com  when in store type your seral  here it tell you if patched I used it today at Walmart and scored a non patched system enjoy.

    [WiiU Review] Wii Sports Club

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    When this game was announced I got excited because I thought finally an online game for the wiiu But the first thing that kind of bothered me was the price was 9.99 $ but also 9.99 euro.... So people in europe will have to pay 2 euros more per sport.... So to consider that it'll take 50 to get them all (once they're out ofcourse) right now there's only bowling and tennis   Anyways it came out recently so I downloaded it and decided to give it a try since there's a 24hr free try pass for first time users so I started the game   By the way the 24hr countdown of your trail starts as soon as you enter the main menu so beware plus its 24hrs from when you start not 24 hr access so your gonna try it out make sure you do it for a free day   So onto the games we have tennis and bowling which were probably my two favourites from the original wii sports   I enjoyed both of them but that I was a bit disappointed about certain things   Okay the graphics are HD and yes better than original but not by much, although I wasn't like expecting it to be   Gameplay In tennis pretty much the same basics but except with every sport its now motionplus controls   It does feel different at first but once you get adjusted to the motionplus you'll be doing the same shots like in the original   Although one nice addition is the smash because you have to do a smash like movement or else you'll hit the net and that sort of goes   for overall too you can't flick the controller like in the original here you have to do a bit more realistic movements   Really enjoy playing tennis online had lots of fun but sadly there's connection issues at times random games seem to have 1 red bar signal and it lags so bad.... like really bad   Cheating yes it exists.... 1 didnt like it when i was 4-1 up then my opponent didnt serve and forfeit the match and then i only gained 10 points and he only lost 10 points but if i won it it wouldve bee at least 60 so.....   also played against a guy called nico twice he got disconnected both times which pissed me off because i was winning 5-1 playing my best wiiu sports tennis, i was even amazed at myself hitting them perfect but anyways i noticed something if you turn it off you dont loose points at all.....   against a star 5 player who was really good but I'm just epic   one other niggle is liked i said before motionplus its a requirement so if want to play multiplayer offline mmmm....   so what would mean 4 player then you need 4 motionplus would've been nice if it allowed 4 normal controls even if its limited to offline play   But overall I had fun the comment system is awesome miiverse too and liked i said about improvements before and the online play so I think this is one sport which will be a must have but just a bit sad about the connection problems kinda a let down   In bowling there's no real difference just minors changes with getting used to the motionplus controls but then again afterwards you'll make the strikes or spares look easy like in wii sports   One minus is that ofcourse there's no wii fit test or anything yet which was one of my favourite things in wii sports   I'll probably buy the tennis fulltime pass but not sure about the others unless they drop in price   My Score : 6.5 / 10   + Having Wii Sports with some new improvements + Online Gaming - Online connection problems & lack of online game modes stuff like mini knock touraments wouldve been nice - Motionplus required - Price & Lack of new stuff other than online   Its not like its a bad game, its a good game I enjoyed the tennis and bowling was fun too But the price and the issues the game / s has me sort of 50 / 50 I probably end up getting the tennis but I may pass on the bowling since I haven't completed one game online with it during the 24hr free 1st try pass   To be honest I think it should be all free for one to reward the people who bought a wiiu two to attract newcomers that they could download a free game but no.... you must pay 10 per sport when you can play the original wii game that isnt too different

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