[Wii U][CEMU] Use/Install Updates & DLC in CEMU

    By Varkas,
    So you downloaded an update or DLC for a Wii U game to use in CEMU, but you have no idea what to do with all those files. Thankfully, getting everything set up is not that complicated. Updates:
    First things first: You need to decrypt the update/DLC before you can use it in CEMU. There are many ways to achieve this, but if you already have the update files, the most efficient way is to use a tool such as CDecrypt 1.0b. Once CDecrypt has finished its work, you should be left with three decrypted folders: code, content, meta. Perfect! This content is now in a format that is readable by CEMU, but you're not finished yet. In order for CEMU to recognize and load the content, we need to copy the decrypted content into the CEMU folder under the \mlc01\usr\title\00050000\XXXXXXXX directory. The directory you paste your update folders in must be named to coincide with the Wii U Title ID. You can find these at the Wii U Title Database.
    Each game has a unique title ID, formatted as such: 00050000-XXXXXXXX. In order to know what your folder must be named, find  the game you're looking for in the Wii U Title Database list and use the last 8 digits of the title ID. Here are some examples, using The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9300 (for JPN)
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9400 (for USA)
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9500 (for EUR) DLC:
    DLC must be decrypted in the same way as update files. After they are decrypted, you will again be left with 3 decrypted folders: content, code, meta.
    These DLC files (not updates!) go under an additional folder named "aoc" under the update directory for that title. For example, if you were to install the Language Pack DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you would place the folders under this directory:
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9300\aoc (for JPN)
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9400\aoc (for USA)
    C:\Cemu 1.8.0\mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9500\aoc (for EUR) And that's it - launch the game after doing the above and the update and DLC will automatically be applied when the game is loaded.

    i will be broadcasting and streaming

    By GodKingProp,
    Hey all.

    i will be starting a channel for gaming today. i will be playing new releases, as well as old. i will be playing games for pc, xbox1, ps4, wiiu, and many older generation consoles, with emulators. as well as how to guides, for some emulators, that will come later. My main focus, is just the gaming world in general. i will be discussing expectations of games, news and updates as well as my reviews and opinions. i have an extensive gaming background, stretching over many consoles and genres of games. i hope some of you will come join me, and even give me request if theres games or news you would like to see, or know about! im going to add my youtube link here, for those who would like to subscribe. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgc8KMQtPe8OlKiy6KhxzSw
    and my twitch name is "lamarlamboVA"  

    [MEGA/MULTI][Wii U][Tool] CDecrypt v1.0b by Crediar

    By Varkas,
    CDecrypt v1.0b by Crediar

    Use this tool to decrypt Wii U title files (NUS). Meant for use with Windows-based computers.
    Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content. Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.  


    By AlvRo,
    Step 1. Register at 1Fichier.com and log into your account: https://1fichier.com/
    registration is completely free. Step 2. In your account has 10 GB of free premium download without paying anything, now go here: Step 3. Activate "Use my Credits for my Own Downloads" Step 4. Disable the option of encrypted downloads, you can increase the download speed in "Force the downloads without SSL"
    Activate "Do not use SSL for my downloads" Info: In your free account only has 10 GB of credit, you can create a different account again, you can use a temporary Email:  http://www.yopmail.com

    Wii U Taiko No Tatsujin Issues

    By limehful,
    Hi there, I recently downloaded a lot of the Taiko DLCs and I noticed that the drum controller stops working when you use an update folder in Loadiine. Any one know how to resolve this?


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