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    [XBOX 360 Review] Rise Of The Tomb Raider

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    An amazing game! Been looking forward to this one for a while, was disappointed when microsoft got the time exclusive deal
    because I didnt have an xbox one but luckily they brought it out for the xbox 360 aswell
    I have to say quality was still great for xbox 360 and you get to enjoy the experience
    So its great for people who have a x360 and just not quite ready to commit
    or for people who have a x360 and a ps4 but just not willing to wait until the end of next year
    honestly i feel that its pointless for ps4 because by then the price will be next to nothing I'm relieved because we've all seen ports or the last gen versions of other games but poor or buggy
    This version for xbox 360 is good quality and not buggy at all
    only two very minor glitches in textures but nothing that disrupts the experience I'm glad to say the quality is good much like the first tomb raider game
    Overall it's more of the same with a few tweaks its hard to get into it because its very similiar to the predessor
    Story I think is fantastic, characters are good Combat I like it's different because if you focus on being too direct you could die easily
    instead look whats around you or around your enemies and use whatever you see to your advantage
    although bows seem to be more powerful than bullets
    when it takes 3 shoots of a gun when an arrow is instant kill
    Some animals seem to take many more hits than humans bears wolfs 20+ bullets / arrows I like Survival instint and finding maps because you can find pretty much everything within the game without a guide puzzles are great and rewarding experience Things I could criticize on would really be nitpicking because its minor things
    and no game is perfect but only can be perfect for what the game is and wants to be like story maybe goes at too fast of a pace and doesnt build up certain things
    for more impact combat is not the absolute best sidequests are great but gets repeative and a lot you cant do till later when you get certain gear
    then backtrack via fast travel quite a few cheap deaths Which in this game it is My Score: 10/10 Amazing game, one that everyone should play for sure.
    I'm really glad that the xbox 360 is a good solid version for anyone without a xbox one

    [PS3 Review] Beyond: Two Souls

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    I've already played the demo before playing this game   My initial impressions were that it was better than Heavy Rain Its like more active in the gameplay   Plus the way you have to control switching from Jodie to Adien and back There just seems to be more that you can interact with and you have to think how to progress through at times maybe sadly not enough (like in advanced experiments dlc because that was a great level)   Because in Heavy Rain most of the time it was actions then the consequence of those that change the story In Beyond a bit different that how you got through and   There's a bit more exploring to do in Beyond much more on a different level to Heavy Rain   Menu is nice changes depending on which Chapter your on (You'll see Jodie's face at different ages in very high detail)   I haven't encountered any major problems while playing Beyond which is great As when I played Heavy Rain there was a bug that it would wipe out the save i lost 4 hours of progress back then and it took them a while to fix But luckily in Beyond there are no such issues the only real issue I encountered was in a level (submarine) where a scene meant to happen but didnt i was walking around for ages until it happened and I walk over that specific spot many times   Anyways ofcourse maybe the biggest thing in this game is that actress Ellen Page and actor Willan Dafoe are in the game Where you control Jodie for the whole game   Graphics are amazinly beautiful   One complaint is that In beyond there's only a white circle dot when you can interact with something (using the right analog stick) When in Heavy Rain its hightlighted by a square box because sometimes in Beyond its hard to see when it blends in the background But when you need to press other buttons during a sequence theyre highlighted but they dont when its a tiny white circle   Had a lot of fun in an early level called the party where they'd made funny of Jodie for the gift she gave at a birthday party They locked her up, you can decide to leave or take revenge So I decided to take revenge like you can do anything you want   Its changes back and fourth in the story from child to teenager to young woman to child vise versa a bit all other the place but I liked how it was because you understood scenes when you get along through the story   My Review Score : 8.5+/10   Even though its not really a proper game more like an interactive mini series But story soundtrack actors are all perfect in this game and overall they improved things from Heavy Rain   + Ellen Page's best performance, to be honest I don't think this game would work without her and her performance throughout the game + You get to control Ellen Page in a bra and panties for a bit (ofcourse this is a plus)   - Small white circle hard to see, One awkard time to progress through where a scene didnt happen when it shouldve - I liked how'd the story was layed out but there were a few times when i was confused when things weren't explained - Never really explained what the monsters were and throughout

    My Top 10 K-Dramas That Would Make Great Video Games

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    A few rules - Does not have to be the best kdramas it has to be kdramas that would make the best games. (so kdramas that i mention may have flaws) - I try to make a unique list with different game play ideas when possible as i think most kdramas could make great visual novels. - I have to have watched the kdrama so if i have not at least seen a few eps then the drama will not be listed here. - i may update the list in the future maybe i'll add Honorable mentions etc...   - Forbidden Love You have your powers your healing sword fights etc... mythology of nine tail fox and possibilities to put choices in which would affect the outcome.   - About Time Even though the drama ended up being average but i felt like it wasted the great concept it had with life clocks and being able to see how much time everyone has left that would work wonders in a game where you can make decisions that would affect people's lives.   - Signal I have to say even though I think that Signal is a bit overrated but I do think that it would make an excellent video game with using the walkie talkie and the past and present scenarios and having to solve cases in both timelines could be very interesting.   - City Hunter Good be a great game similar to hitman but with less killing but with the same kind of stealth and a bit more fighting.    - While You Were Sleeping Would go perfect with any quantum dream style games. Having dreams of bad events in the future then doing what you can to stop them. you have a prosecutor, news reporter and a cop so def. different game play style possibilities to mix in.   - Fight My Way Imagine a mma fighting game but with a very good story, (well take out the whole mother mystery crap.) but that could be a great game and get people playing a mma game who probably would not normally.   - Circle I always think about games like Deus ex, the style of those worlds decision making choices chance for stealth hacking, cop and more.   - The K2 It would make a great action stealth game, the action was top notch in this drama and a lot in. so it makes since, i sort of imagine a james bond type game but with a bit more hand to hand combat.   - Healer I think gameplay from mirror's edge would fit perfectly with Healer then with fighting kinda like batman arkham games but with much less gadgets    - Drama world It would have been epic if it was a visual novel and you get to customise your character, so that you would be the protagonist. It would be every kdramas fan dream and it would fix the biggest problem of dramaworld that it could not represent everyone.   Honorable Mentions: The Bride of Habaek Killer K  Come And Hug Me

    [K-Drama Review] Gods Gift 14 Days

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    Intro "Kim Soo-hyun is a mother whose young daughter Han Saet-byul gets kidnapped and murdered. Discovering a miraculous ability to go back in time exactly two weeks before the event, Soo-hyun is determined to expose the kidnapping plot and save her daughter before she dies all over again. Helping her is Ki Dong-chan, a former cop turned private investigator out to prove the innocence of his mentally challenged brother, who is falsely accused of murdering Dong-chan's ex-girlfriend. As Soo-hyun and Dong-chan race against the clock in the allotted 14 days, new light is shed on the crimes, and they uncover secrets far more treacherous than Soo-hyun could have ever imagined."   Review I have to say the 2nd ep was probably the best and one of the most heaviest episodes that I ever have seen It was really intense   It was really good because it was convicing from all the cast and it was very important for this kind of drama   The suspense was fantastic soundtrack brilliant fits very well in the different scenes   I do say first ep was a bit slow/boring but it sort like had to introduce the main characters and to show how they are with each other Plus maybe the subplots were a bit confusing at the start as it didn't really explain who's who and why someone was here or there etc...   Although after the second ep in the 3rd it was a bit slower which was sad because the pace espically when it got really intense and was what made the series fantastic   Like after the 2nd ep every other ep pretty much felt like a 40 min build up to 10 mins of awesomeness   i think they'd streched it out too much   it would've been better as a mini series like 5 eps etc....   and the ending was... ugh........ even with it sort of dying off it had the chance to redeem itself but sadly it did not, its still a decent series but not an amazing one at the very least watch the first few eps especially the 2nd   My Score: 7/10

    [K-Drama Review] The Vineyard Man

    By ScottyTheVideoGamer,
    This is the worst K-Drama that I have seen to date Before I go on I never like watch dramas that I know they're terribile
    I don't look into reviews for kdramas
    I only go to see what's recommended
    Basically came across this drama because of Yoon Eun Hye
    Same person from coffee prince or lie to me And... she's the only good thing in this drama her acting and the character that she plays Every other character is just boring day dream sequences were too many, too long and boring
    and there was also starts of scenes of her walking
    saying that i felt that every scene was too long for what it was like I feel it tries to be funny but it just fails to do so Okay so I began watching this drama because of course Yoon Eun-Hye
    And I have to say she was definitely the best thing in this drama
    I'm not saying this is a bad, its a good drama but it's ain't a fantastic one... I have quit when I was in the 4th ep It was a bit boring and most of the characters were annoying except for Yoon Eun-Hye Part of me wanted to continue but it was too tuff to do so My Score: 4/10 Worth it to see for Yoon Eun-Hye performance but nothing else.

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