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    WUP Installer Issue

    By Master_Pain,
    Hello Guys! When i do the Exploit and Homebrew launcher goes on, i load WUP installer and i install one game on USB pen with no problem. After booting Wii U i go to icon game and try to open up, then this message comes up:   This software cannot be used. The Nintendo Network ID used to purchase the software has been deleted. Whats the reason??? I only can open the game if i go again to the homebrew and open mocha. is there other way of installing the game without that error to appear???  

    How hard is it to write a custom app?

    By dishe,
    I'm installing my Wii into a vehicle as an entertainment system. Not so much for Wii games that require motion, as that isn't very practical in a moving vehicle, but for emulator games, videos (thanks WiiMC!) and perhaps some Wii games that don't require a sensor bar (rayman, mario kart, etc). I was considering building a Raspberry Pi for the project, but it turns out a Wii is better suited, believe it or not! It already has the proper RCA ports and wireless controllers, and with the help of homebrew it does all the things I'd make the Pi do. The problem is the interface is lacking- the standard Wii menu relies on point and click with the sensor bar, and all the custom launchers including HBC seem to get close but not quite the way I'd imagine my ideal UI for a car to be. They get close, but I understand that most of them were not written for what I have in mind. 
    I studied CompSci in college but haven't coded anything substantial in over a decade. I'm not sure if I'm getting too ambitious here, but I feel like making a simple custom launcher app that I can set to boot from priiloader shouldn't be terribly difficult. But I'm also realizing that I have no idea where to even start. Is the Homebrew community still alive?

    Super Smash bros Project M

    By namhanseok,

    Streaming en la Wii (Películas y series online)

    By Arnold1985,
    Hola amigos:

    Les escribo porque quiero pedir su ayuda. En el video que les comparto está el inicio de un Streaming para Wii. Y con la ayuda de todos podremos hacer algo grande.

    Los invito a ver el video para que vean que si es posible.
    Los enlaces a los videos que realicen me los pueden enviar por mensaje interno como también pueden escribirme a mi cuenta de Twitter: Hidden Content Like this post to see the hidden content.

    Saludos mis amigos.

    a few questions about nintendont

    By skippa,
    1. can i use a gamecube mic for mario party 6&7 (if i can, how do i do it) 2. can i use the gba to gamecube cable for legend of zelda 4 swords 3. can i use a dance mat for ddr mario mix  and  4. how do i use a forwarder so i can play on the wii u gamepad without it freezing when i press the home button any help would be very helpful

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