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    USB Loader GX Wii U issues

    By weaponx3,
    I currently have my Wii U hacked Haxaci. Usbloader_gx will recognize my game offs my hard drive, but the games will not load, the game acts like its loading and closes out back to the homebrew browser. How do i solve this issue. Thank you.

    neo cd classic controller

    By judgestarscream,
    It says my classic controller is not connected when it is.. Any advise?

    5.5.2 Loadiine Issues

    By nibbles37,
    I'm on the latest nightly build of Loadiine which was released Oct 15th I believe. Almost all my backups are working flawlessly except for Super Mario World 3D, Wind Waker HD, and Super Smash Bros. 

    Is anyone else having this issue or if you did how did you remedy it? I've already tried, deleting and re-downloading from different sources, these 3 continually don't work. 

    Mario and Smash won't load at all, straight black screen, Wind Waker pulls up the rainbow loading screen with the sound of waves in the background but promptly crashes after 2 seconds every time. 

    update to 5.5.2

    By gleebo,
    so im on 5.5.1 using the web browser to access the homebrew channel and blocking nintendo using the dns method, now some games need updating and wont play until i do so, is there any way i can update to 5.5.2 without having to rehack by purchase the brain training game thanks in advance 

    Homebrew Channel

    By dB79,
    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I didn't see the issue mentioned anywhere... I'm trying to softmod a wii and install Homebrew Chanel. For some reason letterbomb is not working and also wilbrand launcher does not give me an exploit. Tried two different SD cards with letterbomb (of which, one I have used before on a wii), but no luck. Any tips are very welcome!!!    

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