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    CDN ban how can you fix it for the future

    By Uzzo01,
    Hey guys I've been hit by the Cdn ban I just want to ask is it possible to update the switch manually I know that I'm on version 5.1.0 but in the future if nintendo release a new update is it possible to update it 

    Please, how can I download Amine Movie Player .nsp homebrew?

    By intendo007,
    Hi everyone,
    Can anyone help me on how to get the Homebrew- Amine Movie Player in .nsp format. It is also an mp4 player.
    I am really in need of it.
    Many thanks in advance.

    larger nsp files

    By chelsea1984,
    hi there first off amazing site/forum i have managed to install eshop on my switch but want to try a larger game-skyrim i have formatted my card to fat32-cant install files over 4gb  any help would be appreciated 

    Red's kingdom switch rooms

    By richardchhay,
    Does anymore has link download game red's kingdom for switch rom xci or nsp ? Thank 

    Need help with Switch LAN connection without internet connection

    By griever666,
    I'm trying to use the FTP server that came with the latest SX version, but I don;t want to connect my switch to the internet for obvious reasons. The way I tried to do it was using wired connection (I have a network-usb adapter) and configured an ip address for the switch that is in the same subnet as my PC. However I used a fake IP for gateway and DNS to make sure it doesn't connect to the internet. When I ping the swtich it succeeds 5-6 pings and then fails. Looks like it's trying to connect every couple of minutes or so to the internet and when it fails it disconnects. Any idea how to get around this?

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