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  1. Apply to be a part of our staff team at darkumbra.net! Over the last few weeks and months, DarkUmbra has seen an incredible new influx of members enjoying our community. So much growth in fact, that it's become difficult for us to keep up with all the new content posted to our site every day. Starting today, we are taking applications for motivated, team-oriented, friendly members of our community to help us keep the site as clean and as organized as possible. At this time, we are looking for 3-4 (possibly even more...) new team members to help us with the surge of new traffic, members and posts. A moderator position at DU involves the following responsibilities: Actively browse the forum, editing or deleting topics and posts that do not follow the rules or are in need of corrections or improvement Handle reports filed by members in a manner that is appropriate for the situation (verbal warning to members, formal warning, suspension, etc.) Take action against (warn, ban, etc.) uncooperative members and report to global moderators or admins about any serious issues Personify the DU vibe, supporting the community we have built and help fellow DUdes and DUdettes as best you can! If that sounds interesting to you, we'd love to hear from you! Please make sure you are logged into your DarkUmbra account, then click the button below to apply. We will review all applications in a few weeks and will contact you if you're among the chosen ones! We look forward to hearing from you! Apply Now!
  2. ShadowPuppet

    AdBlocker Issue

    Excellent! I am so glad I have marked that answer as the best. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I will leave this thread open in case anyone else experiences any issues.
  3. ShadowPuppet

    AdBlocker Issue

    @ledzeppelin @kni9ht Are you still having this issue? I have put in some extra checks to avoid this kind of issue. It is definitely not our intention to hinder our members' ability to get what they came here for
  4. ShadowPuppet

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    Login is fine for me? Can you try it again? I can log in from my iPad just fine? Also, Cloudflare can take up to a few hours to recache everything since we just did a major move and a lot of files will not be cached yet. I'm seeing ~3 second page load times from all my tests in Germany, the US, Australia and Canada
  5. ShadowPuppet

    How Fast is DU?

    In light of the recent website upgrades, we want to know how fast the website is for you! Let us know in the poll above! Thank you! Cheers, Shad
  6. First off, we would like to thank every member that applied for the position for your interest in helping DU become even better. We have considered all applicants carefully and with time, we have finally decided to appoint the following members to the staff position of Moderator: Please join us in welcoming @faith genesis raven and @DreamHazard to DarkUmbra.Net Staff! Both of these individuals have been longstanding and loyal members of our community. They have both contributed to the well-being of the forum by uploading content, posting news and reviews, providing general discussion in threads and in the shoutbox, and by helping other members whenever possible. Their continued interest and dedication to DU has been noticed, just as have the efforts of many of the other applicants. For those of you that applied and were not chosen this time, we do hope next time we have open positions that you will apply again! So, we welcome you FGR and DreamHazard to our team!! Now, @JasonP27 and I would like to use this announcement to acknowledge a certain staff member that has gone above and beyond, kicking trash to the curb and keeping DU running smoothly during the absence of other staff. @Normanity has shown he has the desire and ability to contribute and help run DarkUmbra.Net and as such we have decided to promote him to Co-Admin! Be sure to congratulate him along with Dream and FGR in this thread, in the Shoutbox, or on their profile page! We hope that everyone is as excited as we are to welcome these fantastic new additions to our team!! Cheers, DarkUmbra.Net Staff
  7. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Real life got in the way haha. As soon as I get some time to wrap this up, I will
  8. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Soon man, very soon!
  9. ShadowPuppet

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    Which browser? What version? And is it when you hit enter to search or when you start typing? More details pl0x
  10. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Fixed that in the latest version It will be updated soon
  11. ShadowPuppet

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    Invision Power had to resolve this one as it was a bug with the software. It is fixed now
  12. ShadowPuppet

    DU 4.0 Bugs

    Yea, I've discontinued DU emails for everyone except staff. I'll PM you so we can set something up to transfer your stuff
  13. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    There are three new templates coming with DUTag 4.0 Which layers? Looks fine to me?
  14. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    I know it's not a USB loader haha but it's calling DUTag regardless and will need to be allowed. The DUTag font wasn't chosen because it looks close to anything haha but I like your font choice as well. Does it support special characters? The font will need to support all standard accents. Also, I've setup some logging to log invalid loaders so that I can add ones that are valid. When you get a sec, go ahead and run a game from Shuriken USB again.
  15. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Larssen, you have no idea how the new system works so there's no use trying to troubleshoot the problem for me That's my job haha. DUTag updates just fine from both URLs. I know this because I've tested it. You are seeing 403 because you cannot update DUTag from the browser. It has to be updated from a supported loader. Shuriken USB isn't one of the allowed loaders at this time. I will have to add it. Try updating your tag from WiiFlow; you will see different results Also, don't post your key publicly.