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  1. Reply to the topic you wish to download from
  2. --Moved to Help & Support--
  3. Login is fine for me? Can you try it again? I can log in from my iPad just fine? Also, Cloudflare can take up to a few hours to recache everything since we just did a major move and a lot of files will not be cached yet. I'm seeing ~3 second page load times from all my tests in Germany, the US, Australia and Canada
  4. In light of the recent website upgrades, we want to know how fast the website is for you! Let us know in the poll above! Thank you! Cheers, Shad
  5. I've moved this to Help & Support so someone can help you out
  6. No worries. Is there any way you can use Google Translate? I'm still not understanding
  7. Hi @reishikiller, please do not add links to outside sources. On another note, I don't understand what you are asking. Can you clarify?
  8. Yea we require this as a secondary form of validation to prevent spammers from getting past the gates so to speak. Feel free to lurk now! IPBoard is the best forum software I know of and that's why we run it here. I've had experiences with vBulletin and PHPBB but neither of them are really quite this good. I think the reason most people choose other softwares is because of price. IPB is the most expensive but in my opinion, the best value
  9. First off, we would like to thank every member that applied for the position for your interest in helping DU become even better. We have considered all applicants carefully and with time, we have finally decided to appoint the following members to the staff position of Moderator: Please join us in welcoming @faith genesis raven and @DreamHazard to DarkUmbra.Net Staff! Both of these individuals have been longstanding and loyal members of our community. They have both contributed to the well-being of the forum by uploading content, posting news and reviews, providing general discussion in threads and in the shoutbox, and by helping other members whenever possible. Their continued interest and dedication to DU has been noticed, just as have the efforts of many of the other applicants. For those of you that applied and were not chosen this time, we do hope next time we have open positions that you will apply again! So, we welcome you FGR and DreamHazard to our team!! Now, @JasonP27 and I would like to use this announcement to acknowledge a certain staff member that has gone above and beyond, kicking trash to the curb and keeping DU running smoothly during the absence of other staff. @Normanity has shown he has the desire and ability to contribute and help run DarkUmbra.Net and as such we have decided to promote him to Co-Admin! Be sure to congratulate him along with Dream and FGR in this thread, in the Shoutbox, or on their profile page! We hope that everyone is as excited as we are to welcome these fantastic new additions to our team!! Cheers, DarkUmbra.Net Staff
  10. Real life got in the way haha. As soon as I get some time to wrap this up, I will
  11. Locked. Please download the games individually like Larsen said
  12. Yea servers aren't cheap haha and more revenue is always going to go to improving DU services so this is why we need ads at the moment
  13. Soon man, very soon!
  14. Which browser? What version? And is it when you hit enter to search or when you start typing? More details pl0x
  15. Fixed that in the latest version It will be updated soon