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  1. ShadowPuppet

    DarkUmbra Early Access Team

    Get Early Access to new Features & Projects! Okay we're going to keep this one short and sweet – we're working on some cool new stuff and we need people interested in getting their hands on it first in exchange for their valuable feedback! Members who are accepted into the early-access program will be introduced to some of our upcoming new projects very early in the development process. These same members will gain exclusive access to these projects throughout the development process and, upon completion, exclusive perks for the final launched version. All we ask is that early access members provide us with their valuable feedback prior to launching the services to the general public. There are no prerequisites to opt-in to the program, simply click the button below, enter your forum name (or first name preferably) and email address (both will be pre-filled from your DU account if you're logged in) and that's it! We'll be contacting members directly when it's time to get to testing! We've added a simple countdown to the early access page based off our estimated release for the first new project!! If this sounds like you, hit that button below and get on our list! Looking forward to hearing from everyone! DISCLOSURE: Please be aware that as members of the early access team you will be privy to confidential information throughout the duration of the program. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of such information may result in actions taken against your account. It should also be mentioned that we will work with small groups of early-access members at a time; as such, if you are not immediately contacted with project details, please be patient. We will get to everyone in due time Join the Early Access Team
  2. Official DarkUmbra Discord Server We've been working on something really exciting for you guys over the last few weeks and today we're finally announcing it – welcome to the official DU Discord! The new Discord server will open up a whole new avenue for our members to gain access to help and support as well as a great channel for connecting with other members of the community. While we're sure that this new addition will bring a lot more to DU, we have taken some precautions to ensure the server remains as clean and spam-free as possible. As a result, in order to access the server, you must connect your Discord account with DU. Once connected, your on-site privileges, roles and even username colour will sync over to the Discord. Please be aware that all rules that we expect to be followed on-site will apply on the Discord server. Any misconduct on the Discord constitutes an actionable offence on DU itself. Just keep on being the awesome people we know you are and there won't be any issues I'm sure If you need a refresher, we suggest reviewing the official DU rules Finally, I'd like to personally thank @Zazaaji and CoffeeRobot for coordinating this new project and @Larsenv for first introducing me to the idea of an official DU Discord server! Thanks! We're really excited about this and we hope that you will all find this useful! Welcome to our Discord Connect to Discord
  3. FORWARDERS BY RISING SHADOWS (MF) NTSC-U PAL [Hidden Content] This takes a lot to maintain, please take 10 seconds and +Rep
  4. Premium Gear for the Dedicated Gamer! After what seems like an eternity of hard work, we are SO excited to introduce DU's official dedicated gaming gear. Our line of premium products includes premium apparel and accessories that enhance the dedicated gamer's experience. As part of our first launch, we are releasing three limited-edition collections – Classic, Lifeline, and #DEDICATED. Each collection offers a range of products including t-shirts, hats, posters, and drawstring bags. Amongst these exclusive designs, we are offering a limited-edition personalized classic t-shirt that you can customize with your username, making for a unique keepsake! As this is our first launch, stock is extremely limited and these designs will only be available for a short amount of time. If you're interested in getting something, don't wait! See our note below about getting 10% off if you're one of the first 50 customers ON TOP of the 10-15% we've already taken off all t-shirts as a launch special! tl;dr: just show me the goods – shop.darkumbra.net Awesome, I want to order something! We love that you're into it and want to get your hands on exclusive, dedicated gear! If you're one of the first 50 orders, we have a coupon code for you to get an additional 10% off your entire purchase! Enter FIRST50 at checkout to get 10% off your order as a thank you from us to you! Help support DU for years to come! We've priced our items as competitively as possible to give you guys the best possible products at a great price. The tiny profit we stand to make here will go directly to improving the site and community for our members and will help to keep DU around for many, many more years! We are so grateful we have members who donate to the site regularly – now we can finally provide something that you can enjoy as well! 100% Manufactured in the US We are proud to support local businesses by offering products that are sourced exclusively from the best manufacturers across the USA! What other products are coming? We have many ideas bouncing around – we're working with suppliers for mugs, mousepads, throw pillows, laptop stickers/decals, hoodies, and throw blankets. If you have any specific products you'd like DU-ified™, let us know! Enough talk – I want in! I'm Ready - Let's Go (shop.darkumbra.net) We'd absolutely love your feedback – please do not hesitate to post your thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. You can also send them directly to us using the Contact Us page or by sending me a PM. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and girls!!
  5. We're very grateful for your help on the forums the last few months. I really hope you can improve for yourself first and us second
  6. ShadowPuppet

    Shoutbox Conduct

    I want to take a minute to address the recent shoutbox shenanigans that have taken place over the last few days and overall over the last few months. People seem to be forgetting that this is an all-ages community. I want to remind everyone that what is said in shoutbox needs to be kept at a PG rated level. That isn't to say that cussing/swearing is ruled out entirely because, let's face it, the internet is full of it, but we ask that you keep your remarks to a minimum. Under no circumstances should any cussing be directed at another member of any kind. Because of recent events the following rules will be amended to the DU Official Rules. I encourage everyone to go back and re-educate themselves on what you've signed up for when you joined DU. Effective immediately, any shoutbox fighting/drama will result in an immediate shoutbox ban. The duration of the ban will range from a MINIMUM of 3 days to 2 weeks at the staff's discretion. After your ban has been lifted should you cause more drama/fight with other members, you will be immediately and irrevocably perma-banned from the shoutbox. Continuing to harass members via PM or through other means not necessarily on-site will earn you a site-wide perma-ban. There are no exceptions to these rules. To reiterate, DU is a family site to be used by anyone of any age, gender, race, status; there are no discriminations. As such, we need to keep the site as all-ages friendly as possible. Parents should feel comfortable with their children browsing our community and to do that, rules need to be put in place and enforced. Cheers, Shad
  7. Apply to be a part of our staff team at darkumbra.net! Over the last few weeks and months, DarkUmbra has seen an incredible new influx of members enjoying our community. So much growth in fact, that it's become difficult for us to keep up with all the new content posted to our site every day. Starting today, we are taking applications for motivated, team-oriented, friendly members of our community to help us keep the site as clean and as organized as possible. At this time, we are looking for 3-4 (possibly even more...) new team members to help us with the surge of new traffic, members and posts. A moderator position at DU involves the following responsibilities: Actively browse the forum, editing or deleting topics and posts that do not follow the rules or are in need of corrections or improvement Handle reports filed by members in a manner that is appropriate for the situation (verbal warning to members, formal warning, suspension, etc.) Take action against (warn, ban, etc.) uncooperative members and report to global moderators or admins about any serious issues Personify the DU vibe, supporting the community we have built and help fellow DUdes and DUdettes as best you can! If that sounds interesting to you, we'd love to hear from you! Please make sure you are logged into your DarkUmbra account, then click the button below to apply. We will review all applications in a few weeks and will contact you if you're among the chosen ones! We look forward to hearing from you! Apply Now!
  8. ShadowPuppet

    DarkUmbra Early Access Team

    Thanks everyone for the responses so far! We'll be getting in touch shortly!
  9. ShadowPuppet

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    can you click the "join server" link after authorizing?
  10. I've been thinking about where to post this thread for quite a while now and I've decided it's more entertainement than fun/games so that's why it's here lol Post the name and artist of the song you are curently listening to. You may post videos if you are on YouTube. Fireflies - Owl City
  11. ShadowPuppet

    Join our Team - Moderator Applications! [CLOSED]

    The results are in! After lots of consideration and discussion amongst staff, we would like to extend a warm welcome to our new team members: @Larsenv, @Link420, @Mad_Geordie, @Softcobraweb, and @Zazaaji! These fine people will be learning the ropes over the next few weeks so be nice! I'm sure they'll do just fine though On behalf of the entire DU team, I want to thank everyone for applying! This was not an easy decision for us as we had many great applications! You guys are all awesome and continue to be the life force of DU; we love you all! Welcome guys!! One last thing, we'd also like to congratulate our newest Co-Admin @mastershoes who, although not formally, has been filling the shoes (ha ha!) of an Admin position for a long time when I couldn't be available. He has shown outstanding commitment to DU as a whole over the years and we're honoured to have him with us as DU continues to grow! Welcome Mastershoes!!
  12. ShadowPuppet

    Join our Team - Moderator Applications! [CLOSED]

    Alright ladies and gents, applications are now closed. We will be reviewing applications this week and contacting those who we think would be the best fit for our team. Thank you everyone for your interest! ❤️
  13. ShadowPuppet

    Funny Pictures Topic

    WARNING! Images posted in this thread MAY contain graphic content, vulgarity, or sexual inuendo. Viewer Discretion is Advised. This will become our huge collection of funny pics. If you are feeling down, come here and have a look... I'll start
  14. Brick Prevention Methods What not to do ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here is a list of things that WILL brick your Wii... don't do it NEVER uninstall your system menu. Sounds stupid, but people have done it Your wii will not work very well without a system menu. NEVER uninstall your system menu ios IOS30,50, 60, 70 NEVER uninstall any IOS less the 200. IOS files under 200 are the wii system files. They are needed to function. If you are following a guide that says to install a WAD of a particular IOS, DO NOT UNINSTALL THE ORIGINAL. Simply install the new one... it will overwrite. NEVER update from disk Updating from disk can brick or semi-brick your Wii. It is almost never necessary, even when the disk says otherwise. NEVER downgrade system menu of newer Wii models System menu versions less then 3.4 do not support newer Wii hardware. Downgrading a newer wii will result in a brick. Example- Downgrading a newer Wii to 3.2 could brick it. NEVER downgrade IOS' of newer Wii models Newer Wii models will not function with many downgraded ios files. Downgrading your ios files to enable trucha bug could cause many black screens or worse, brick your wii. Example- Downgrading Ios36 to Ios36-v1042 will cause most Homebrew to load to black screens on a newer wii. Use TBR, or Dop-Ios-Mod to enable trucha bug instead NEVER install wads of unknown origin. Bad wads can banner brick your Wii, or worse, brick your Wii. There are some malicious WADS in circulation, that when installed can brick your Wii. Only download and install from a reputable source, one with good feedback. Always read the comments!! AVOID cIOSCORP Unless you know what cIOSCORP is, what it does, and fully understand the risks involved in its installation, do not install it. cIOSCORP is a very complex system modification, which offers legitimate features, but its installation can be very problematic. If you don't know what it is, don't install it. Don't install it to fix black screen issues with games. NEVER Follow youtube tutorials Even though some of them are alright, the majority will Mess.You.Up NEVER Rush Most bricks happen from careless actions. Slow down, read the stuff, and be sure to ask questions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope that helps
  15. ShadowPuppet

    AdBlocker Issue

    Excellent! I am so glad I have marked that answer as the best. Thank you for bringing this to our attention! I will leave this thread open in case anyone else experiences any issues.
  16. ShadowPuppet

    AdBlocker Issue

    @ledzeppelin @kni9ht Are you still having this issue? I have put in some extra checks to avoid this kind of issue. It is definitely not our intention to hinder our members' ability to get what they came here for
  17. Short and sweet post mirroring download links from evasi0n on Mega. Check out their site for instructions Cheers Download Windows [hide][Hidden Content]] Mac [hide][Hidden Content]] Linux [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    DUTag Back Online! DUTag is now working again so you can update your tag from your favourite backup loader again! Tags will also display properly on websites. With the pre-launch of the new updated DUTag platform, we are breathing life back into DUTag. We will announce more details shortly but for now, keep playing your games! Oh and as a bonus, we're launching a brand new template layout as well You can see what that looks like below:
  19. ShadowPuppet

    [MF] Mega Homebrew Apps

    Here is a pack of Wii Homebrew Applications I compiled: Please don't post my links on other sites I do not take responsibility for any bricks caused by using these. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  20. ShadowPuppet

    Guitar Hero 5 Guide!!

    Shadows' Guitar Hero 5 Guide Guitar Hero 5 - Backup Loader 1. Install the IOS56-64-v5146.wad Download: [Hidden Content] 2. Download and run multicios, and install IOS 37 as IOS 232. Download: [Hidden Content] 3. Download and run SoftChip, make sure to use IOS 232 and002 Fix enabled. Download: [Hidden Content] 4. Disk in, Volume up, Rock Out! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guitar Hero 5 - USB Loader NOTE: You need Wifi Access For This! 1 - Start up the Homebrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 installer v4 application Download: [Hidden Content] 2 - Read the warning message and push A 3 - Select IOS249 to perform the install with, using the D-pad left/right and push A 4 - Select to Install Custom IOS 222 and use IOS38 merged with IOS37 5 - Wait for it to download and install 6 - Return to the Homebrew Channel and start the Installer again 7 - Select IOS249 again. 8 - This time select Custom IOS 223 and use IOS38 merged with IOS60 9- Load up your favorite loader and in the configuration, set it to load up using IOS 222 10- ROCK THE FRAACK ON!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  21. ShadowPuppet

    How Fast is DU?

    In light of the recent website upgrades, we want to know how fast the website is for you! Let us know in the poll above! Thank you! Cheers, Shad
  22. First off, we would like to thank every member that applied for the position for your interest in helping DU become even better. We have considered all applicants carefully and with time, we have finally decided to appoint the following members to the staff position of Moderator: Please join us in welcoming @faith genesis raven and @DreamHazard to DarkUmbra.Net Staff! Both of these individuals have been longstanding and loyal members of our community. They have both contributed to the well-being of the forum by uploading content, posting news and reviews, providing general discussion in threads and in the shoutbox, and by helping other members whenever possible. Their continued interest and dedication to DU has been noticed, just as have the efforts of many of the other applicants. For those of you that applied and were not chosen this time, we do hope next time we have open positions that you will apply again! So, we welcome you FGR and DreamHazard to our team!! Now, @JasonP27 and I would like to use this announcement to acknowledge a certain staff member that has gone above and beyond, kicking trash to the curb and keeping DU running smoothly during the absence of other staff. @Normanity has shown he has the desire and ability to contribute and help run DarkUmbra.Net and as such we have decided to promote him to Co-Admin! Be sure to congratulate him along with Dream and FGR in this thread, in the Shoutbox, or on their profile page! We hope that everyone is as excited as we are to welcome these fantastic new additions to our team!! Cheers, DarkUmbra.Net Staff
  23. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Real life got in the way haha. As soon as I get some time to wrap this up, I will
  24. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Soon man, very soon!
  25. ShadowPuppet

    DUTag is Back!

    Fixed that in the latest version It will be updated soon