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  1. Download Save Editor: [Hidden Content] (2)Using GTA V.exe:[hide][Hidden Content]] (3)Copying Save Data from USB to PS3:[hide][Hidden Content]] (4) Single-player to Multi-player Glitch:[hide][Hidden Content]] Things to note: • Don’t be a jerk and use a custom license plate that is specific to you unless you’re duping it specifically for YOU. As the car makes it way through the community, the players will be stuck with your plate. (For example, instead of making my plate “LONGTERM”, I would make it “BUFFALO” for Franklins Buffalo port into MP.) • Once you’ve successfully ported the vehicle into Multi-player, it will no longer be in your single players garage. This is why I’ve advised you to create a backup of your Save Data. • A great trick is to park the vehicle in Step 11 as close to the garage door as possible. If you’re lucky, the garage door will glitch and be opened when you enter the garage in Step 16, allowing your friend to simply walk in and obtain the vehicle without Step 19. • When you reload the Save Data in Step 10 and your character/vehicle appear to be stuck under the open world, simply accelerate and it should throw your character back above ground. • If you’re able to get into Micheal’s house and move around after using the web browser/PSN step, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GET THE VEHICLE OUT OF THE GARAGE. You MUST complete the PSN store step after to initiate your instance in the session. (To confirm you’ve done this correctly, you’ll see you’re friend that setup the private session on your mini-map along with all the multiplayer locations. If you do not see your friend and the multi-player locations on the map, you are NOT initiated completed.) • There are currently three spawn locations in Micheal’s house that will successfully keep you in the house after you “unfreeze” him (1)Micheal spawns in living room, upon unlock, spawns in Tracey’s room (2)Micheal spawns in Jimmy’s room, upon unlock, spawns in Jimmy’s room again (3)Micheal spawns in his bedroom, upon unlock, spawns in bedroom again • If you spawn in Micheal’s kitchen, it WILL kick you out of the house and into the backyard upon unlocking Micheal. (Remember, even if you’re able to walk around in the kitchen area and into the garage, you will not be able to successfully dupe a vehicle into MP since you’re not fully initiated in the session.) • The best time to attempt the SP to MP glitch is during the night where Micheal’s cut-scenes are more limited to his house instead of during the day where he has a variety of spawn locations. Credits: • Premier00000 – Working with me to figure out a solid process for SP to MP and showing me how to easily get large vehicles in your personal garage. • Androoh – Same as above, he worked with me to figure out a process when everyone else was too greedy to share the correct steps they discovered themselves. He’s also worked with me on getting multiple vehicles into the online environment as well as sat through the pain stacking process of figuring out a system for getting the Large Tow Truck in your personal garage. • XB36Hazard – For producing an effective GUI to modify GTA V Save Data.
  2. Avatar The Last Airbender-US US Description: lvl 40+ - last boss - 100% finished [Hidden Content]
  3. Audition Portable-JP JP Description: (KO) 100% Unlocked Game Save [Hidden Content]
  4. ATV Offroad Fury Blazin' Trails-US US Description: 100% Complete [Hidden Content]
  5. ATV Offroad Fury Pro-US-EU US Description: half the cards unlocked nearly all races finished good amount of money and many vehicles bought and upgraded [Hidden Content] EU Description: 0% Done with 5 million cash with it!!! [Hidden Content]
  6. Atari Classics Evolved-US US Description: 44/44 awards earned atari 2600 games unlocked [Hidden Content]
  7. Astro Boy The Video Game-US US Description: 100% Complete [Hidden Content]
  8. Astonishia Story-US-EU US Description: Last dungeon right before the final battles. All legendary and hidden accessories found. All characters have all special moves and magic. Lloyd Lv. 25, Ylenne Lv. 22, Rendalf Lv. 22, Rudoug Lv. 25, Akra Lv. 19, Jenas Lv. 26 [Hidden Content] EU Description: Shunai Desert Before You Fight Jikrol, Lloyd Lvl.16, Rudoug Lvl.15, Akra Lvl.14,Rendalf Lvl.14, Ylenne Lvl.16 [Hidden Content]
  9. Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Mission Wifix-EU EU Description: Game Progress 100% - Playing Time 11:57:47 - Eniemes killed 1796 - Diamond Helments 30/30 - all Souveniers [Hidden Content]
  10. Asphalt Urban GT 2-US-EU US Description: 100% completed, All Gold in Evolution championship, All Cars and Tracks unlocked in Arcade mode [Hidden Content] EU Description: 100% game completed. All cars and tracks unlocked, all gold trophies and bonus cars. NO CHEATS [Hidden Content]
  11. Arthur and the Invisibles-EU EU Description: game beaten 100%, all 26 runes, everything unlocked [Hidden Content]
  12. Army of Two The 40th Day-US US Description: 100% complete 100% story mode complete extras 100% complete no cheat [Hidden Content]
  13. Armored Core Silent Line Portable-US-JP US Description: 99% save file. Has everything except S ranks for every mission (which unlocks a handgun). Includes OP-I imported from AC3P. [Hidden Content] JP Description: 100% Game Completion, all parts from the store have been bought , all new and old hidden parts found, Arena and Extra Arena complete, all missions achieved S rank. One mission failure for CWG-ARF-180 [Hidden Content]
  14. Armored Core Last Raven Portable-US-JP US Description: 148% Achivement, Rank 1 in VR ARENA, All new parts have been collected, Converted from ACSLp to ACLRp, All missions are S-ranked. [Hidden Content] JP Description: 100% Achievement, Rank 1 in Virtual Arena, Imported From AC3p to ACSLp To ACLRp [Hidden Content]
  15. Armored Core Formula Front - Extreme Battle-US-JP US Description: Rank 1 almost all chips Team Shadow [Hidden Content] JP Description: All 85 battles Complete, All chips Obtained, Great Team of ACs [Hidden Content]