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  1. Can you add Mix Superstar and its DLC to the list if possible? I don't see it here
  2. Unfortunately the download seems to be broken - no matter what program I use to extract the second half there's always an error in the ISO resulting in the file size being 0 MB. Haven't tested it but I can bet this wouldn't work.
  3. Can I get this without the millions of Adfly links diverting me? It'd be nice to actually be able to download something here.
  4. Welp, USB Loader GX is acting up for me so I can't grab the game off my disc. Thanks!
  5. does replying to this mean i can see image previews or
  6. New Old? What exactly am I looking at here?
  7. MEGA

    Is the Sonic Unleashed one the North America region? Normanity only put up the PAL version.
  8. communism will prevail
  9. radical meme
  10. MEGA

    Y'know, fun fact. Your profile is how I discovered that MEGA has a limit on how much bandwidth they let you use for free.