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  1. BillyJo

    👍 Venture Kid + Update

    yeah the game run fine, sorry, just realised that i didnt update to latest sigpatches... thanks !
  2. BillyJo

    👍 Venture Kid + Update

    the game didnt start... stuck at screen to select controller...
  3. thanks ! did you know if sigpatches for 7.0.0 or 7.0.1 are available ?
  4. BillyJo

    Jackbox party pack

    you will not be able to play this games without an active nintendo account...
  5. yeah works... but in the game, when i try to go to DLC the game try to connect online again, so unable to see the DLC...
  6. BillyJo

    Dragon Marked for Death DLC

    downloaded the same file, installed the game with the DLC available as NSP. The game boot, but need to be in airplane mode to be able to play... and unable to see the DLC pack... really strange, hope a good release will be available soon.
  7. BillyJo

    DevMenu Patched

    thanks !
  8. BillyJo

    [REQUEST] Super Smash Bros Ultimate update 1.3.1?

    sorry to say that... but its not true... maybe you saw video on youtube with people playing Wendy... but its a fake. Wendy is a costume of Bowser Jr. search the web for #ProjectWendy you will have your answer lets wait the next "real" update of smash Bros hehe
  9. BillyJo

    DevMenu Patched

    Woud like to know if someone could share DevMenu patched to not have the error message when the apps is started saying it is build for FW v6.0.1 ? Thanks !
  10. BillyJo

    Request for Tiny Metal

    you will find it here [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. it will be released soon
  12. BillyJo

    Switch Media Player (pPlay)

    the files can be anywhere on your sd cards, but the software looks like to display the folder where he is. (/switch/pplay/) if you put your video files there, they will be displayed when you will open the app. * dont know if default dir can be changed in config files *
  13. BillyJo

    Switch Media Player (pPlay)

    the forwarder is released, so i share it here [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. cpasjuste, a respected creator on the consoles scene, created an app that let you play your media on your switch locally or via your network ! [hide][Hidden Content]] no nsp redirector seems to be available right now, if someone is able to create one, i will add link Enjoy it !
  15. BillyJo

    Tennis World Tour serious link?

    XCI : [hide][Hidden Content]] Update 1.1.2 : [hide][Hidden Content]]