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  1. Thanks again guys. Damn that font is tiny as hell I gotta try and fix that shit >.<
  2. Thanks everyone I've been meaning to repair my threads for a while now. It's been eating at me so glad I could finally do it lol.
  3. This is my new thread with fresh 2015 links. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  4. This is my new thread with fresh 2015 links. Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  5. I think fail0verflow team does If they do this would be pretty sweet except I don't see much enthusiasm for wii u hacking. It's like they've gone soft on us. Is Crediar still around? I haven't heard from him in ages. The keys are just bouncing around the place but it's like no one wants to do anything with them.
  6. I know some decrypting, but not enough to wanna WANT to try & do anything with these keys especially since I'm so busy. I probably wouldn't get far alone anyway. At any rate these are only the expresso keys. We don't have the starbuck keys yet. Or do we?
  7. Was released almost two weeks ago but guess it wouldn't hurt to have it here.
  8. Skitz

    [MEGA] Cladun X2 Full ISO

    you're welcome
  9. Skitz

    [MEGA] KMSpico Windows Activator

    Thanks bro