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  1. where do you put the fonts and wallpaper i have the theme running on 4.3u but the icons when they spin are just clear .
  2. Iminneed

    My switch bit the dust yesterday

    I’m pretty sure it was the super Mario game that Caused it,while playing it I heard a noise like a short or buzz and when I wanted to eject the game the switch would freeze. I later put the switch in rcm mode and it wouldn’t come back on,it’s in la La Land .
  3. Iminneed

    need rap file psndl is down

    to Tiger woods 12 masters or is there another place to get rap files thanks
  4. Thanks works great and bring on the SNES that would be nice
  5. Iminneed

    Games not booting after 6.2.0 update

    That fix it back running perfect .nand backup rocks
  6. Iminneed

    Games not booting after 6.2.0 update

    I’m not on 6.2 I’m on 5.1 with emunand 6.1 Everything was working fine until 6.2 update came out some of the games on the sd started asking for a require download file and you can’t start the game period without the file, i guess I’ll do a backup on my nand to see if that fixes it.
  7. Iminneed

    Games not booting after 6.2.0 update

    There’s several games asking for a required update file and you can’t skip to play software ,is there anyway around this or will we need to wait for 6.2.0 to be hacked?
  8. Iminneed

    super Mrio Maker wiiu

    looking for a usa ,usb loading game. Thanks
  9. I’ve got the game but either way dlc or both will be mooch karma
  10. Iminneed

    Request Arms latest update

    It would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Iminneed

    Switch title screen

    How do you move the title screen to the bottom instead of it being in the middle blocking my awesome wallpaper.
  12. Iminneed

    R4i Gold plus question

    I bought me a new 3ds xl and it’s on 11.4.0 , should I stay on that firmware or update to the latest firmware before I put cfw on it. That’s another question will cfw work on the latest firmware now? The video I saw was pretty old but the magnet still puts it to sleep , just wanted the ask before I dive in thanks.
  13. Iminneed

    3DS to CIA Converter v4.0

    thanks mate
  14. Iminneed

    3ds Freeshop

    could somebody help me out with the title keys please..