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  1. Google Drive - 140+ Trimmed Switch Games - NO ADS

    no work-ee very nice to see somebody looking after the poor folk i'm retired so money hard to come by these days and i thank you hope more can join you as well ive bought so many dowmloading things and i cant afford to do it anymore and i can say its a pain in the ass not having it adds out the asssss.
  2. Switch file extension

    I don’t know if this question been ask but I downloaded mario kart 8 it has a .xco and a .xc1 the xecutor os wont run the game is there a way to fix this or I’m I screwed and need to download another copy thank you
  3. Nintendo Switch cable

    Looking for a cable to plug into my switch ,back to my pc ( usb) i bought one and it doesn’t work can someone drop me a link to one that works for sure id appreciate it thanks
  4. DLC PS3 Collection

    Good one thankx
  5. RetroArch on PS3

    I just updated to 1.71 and when I scanned my game directory it didn’t see the snes or turbografx folders at all and a lot of other games were Skipped . Now this might be a stupid question but they have a playlist to fix this a .bat file and I don’t no where to put this file or should I say what folder it goes in and how to run it, it’s a playlist file that over looks files not in the correct form. Any help is appreciated thank u
  6. thanks ill give it ah look.
  7. cheats on RetroArch wii

    How do you use cheats ? I have Retro on wiiu and Know how to use cheats but on the wii i cant get out of a game when started,and i dont see anywhere to download anything.When i lunch Retro on the wii the motion controll stops working,only gamecube controller works and ive tried to press every thing .the only way out is reset. thanks o im on the latest retro.
  8. Thanks for TP nice to play these on gamecube gamepad full screen sound and button work great.
  9. [MEGA] Metroid Prime - Player's Choice NTSC-U

    love the game thanks
  10. thank you just wanted to see the finished product,how it plays nice one.
  11. ReDump - PSX - 8639 ISOS

    to much BS , but thanks anyway .why not mega all the way ?