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  1. NemRe


    Yep... Battle Chef Brigade [UPD][0100cc2001c6c800][v262144] - (1,02 GB)
  2. They are activated in the options menu (main menu); size... 500mb
  3. Japanese Voice Pack and two more DLC are already in the eShop for free.
  4. NemRe

    [Request] Super Special SD Stash v1.4

    The last version is v2.0.1 - Changing the infrastructure of the folders (If you're already on v2.0, the updates are minor).
  5. It comes from a repack of NCA files, includes a .txt with this key Sure... Titlekeys (Hollow Knight & Lumines Remastered): [Hidden Content]
  6. Thank you so much!! Lumines Remastered now WORKS!!! Edit: I'm going to try Hollow Knight now Edit2: Hollow Knight it works perfectly [Hidden Content]
  7. LUMINES REMASTERED - Titlekey: 0cad23c891ac09f01b8cdacc6452b934 Gives me an error in the installation -I use the new version of CDNSP- (If someone makes it work, pls upload the NSP)
  8. I get an error, Failed to allocate RomFS file cache! with Stardew Valley... NCA Game: 1650ab6235ae16751ca5e220b414c3f1.nca NCA Update: 62bee24d3a305b65a3570b16361b007a.nca TitleKey: 208D250942DAC283A5E5D6985BBF5FD4