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  1. That's ok and thank you! If you ever can have the chance to upload Budokai Tenkaichi 3 however there's a patch that lets it work with the gamepad bc otherwise it won't. There should be info on it in GBAtemp. Have a good day!
  2. Thanks I haven't seen anyone else uploading pre-built Wii VC injects yet! Can these be played on USA Wii U's? Also can you do Kirby's Epic Yarn and Budokai Tenkiachi 3? Thanks
  3. PSX emulator on Wii U

    It doesn't work just use the new vWii VC inject method on Wiisx, tons of games work great with the new hack to overclock the vWii.
  4. Can anyone make these as vWii VC injects? Regular Wii premade vc inject wads will brick a vWii. These games work with the following bases [Hidden Content] No custom banners or anything is necessary. Just inject the games please. Thanks
  5. Taking Ps2 / Ps1 / Gamecube Requests

    Can you do Harmful Park for the PS1? It's a JPN only game.
  6. Does anyone have Loadiine ready to play versions of these games? Haven't been able to get them to work but the compatibility list says Rakuga Kids definitely works. Would appreciate the share please. Just the game is fine, doesn't need to have the meta folder. Thank you!
  7. USA roms. The NeoDS converter is Windows only so you can't set the converter up on Linux/Mac. The mame room sets need to be MAME .118 to convert. More info here [Hidden Content] NeoDS works on 3DS through homebrew. Would greatly appreciate it. Mega upload would be great, thank you.
  8. [MEGA] Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Do we click Download as Zip or download as normal file?
  9. [MEGA] Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Thank you very much!