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  1. Bulletstorm456


    Both in the discord megathread I believe Hit up the discord, someone on there can provide that for you Check the mod only megathread for HACDN v2 update downloader and ask in #help if you need more. Or CDNSP in there as well
  2. Current Community .NSP titles working FROM DISCORD: GO TO dead link TO GET THEM FIRST, A LOT OF PEOPLE WORKING HARD TO GET THINGS FIRST IN THERE. INVITE WORKING AGAIN NOT UPDATING THIS ANYWHERE NEAR AS MUCH AS ITS EXTREMELY EASY TO JUST DOWNLOAD THE NSP'S YOURSELF FROM NINTENDO'S CDN Outlast: Bundle Of Terror - [Hidden Content] The Escapists 2 - [Hidden Content] [1.62GB] Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy [Hidden Content] One More Dungeon [Hidden Content] Elliot Quest [Hidden Content] BUTCHER [Hidden Content] Mr. Shifty [Hidden Content] Has Been Heroes [Hidden Content] Inside [Hidden Content] Limbo [Hidden Content] Fast RMX- [Hidden Content] Thumper - [Hidden Content] [695MB NSP] KORG Gadget Base Game - [Hidden Content] [558MB NSP] Update v65536 - [Hidden Content] [16MB NSP] Kingdom: New Lands Base Game - [Hidden Content] [378MB NSP] Update v131072 - [Hidden Content] [74MB NSP] NeuroVoider Base Game - [Hidden Content] [130MB NSP] Update v196608 - [Hidden Content] [21MB NSP] TumbleSeed Base Game - [Hidden Content] [427MB NSP] Update v131072 - [Hidden Content] [276MB NSP] GoNNER Base Game - [Hidden Content] [299MB NSP] Update v131072 - [Hidden Content] [285MB NSP] VVVVV [Hidden Content] The Mummy Demastered [Hidden Content] Stardew Valley- [Hidden Content] Senran Kagura- [Hidden Content] Sonic Mania- [Hidden Content] Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove- [Hidden Content] Enter The Gungeon- [Hidden Content] Clustertruck- [Hidden Content] Fast RMX- [Hidden Content] Loomines Remastered- [Hidden Content] Hollow Knight- [Hidden Content] and [Hidden Content] Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime- [Hidden Content] UPDATE [Hidden Content] Furi- [Hidden Content] Vulgarr the King [Hidden Content] Blossom Tales - The Sleeping King - [Hidden Content] IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES PLEASE JOIN THE DISCORD LISTED ABOVE PLEASE DONT STEAL THESE FRESH TITLEKEY UPLOADS AND RE-UPLOAD THEM AS YOUR OWN WITH ADS *cough* softcobra and Link420 *cough* IF YOU HAVE ANY TITLES NOT YET DUMPED AND/OR YOU NEED HELP DOING IT THEN JOIN THE DISCORD Everyone in the discord is working extremely hard to get things uploaded ASAP. We were first to upload many titles like Hollow Knight, thanks to great members WAAAAAAAY MORE TITLES NOW IN THE DISCORD LINKED AT THE TOP. PLEASE JUST JOIN THAT. can't keep on updating this everyone hour
  3. So far i've only uploaded Super Meat Boy and Enter the Gungeon, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Little Inferno but im planning on uploading more soon like snake pass. Link [Hidden Content] All downloads are in pre-extracted form for LayeredFS It would be much appreciated if you join the discord if you haven't already. Thats where i put up uploads first in #download channel [Hidden Content] Link for Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - [Hidden Content] Thanks to Liam on Switch Piracy Discord As a side note i've tested super meat boy with fallout shelter and works perfectly and Enter the gungeon with minecraft nintendo switch edition which works perfectly Current Titles: Super Meat Boy, Enter The Gungeon, Shovel Knight: Treeasure Trove, Neon Chrome and Little Inferno.. More coming soon If you want titles quickly, you appreciate the uploads, and/or you would like to request a game dump then please join the discord [Hidden Content] ANY NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME
  4. Bulletstorm456

    [FTP] Crash_Bandicoot_N._Sane_Trilogy_NSW-HR

    Is there a way to auto download each part or do i have to click on each part individually? Oh and thank you for posting this, if i like it i might just buy it
  5. Bulletstorm456

    [REQUEST] Shovel Knight Eshop dump

    Well its not toooooo difficult but you'll need your keys which is a pain. gotta use biskeydump to do it legit way. Side note, let me know if you find anywhere with more extracted games cause for some reason i can only find like 3 different eshop games on here
  6. Bulletstorm456

    [REQUEST] Shovel Knight Eshop dump

    I just downloaded them pre-extracted from here, to actually extract your own backups is pretty complicated.
  7. Bulletstorm456

    [REQUEST] Shovel Knight Eshop dump

    Step 1: look on this spreadsheet to check compatibility with the game you wanna play [Hidden Content] (generally fallout shelter, fortnite and pinball fx 3 are good ones to start off with if you are unsure. Step 2: Put your switch into airplane mode and then put these files on your microsd card [Hidden Content] Step 3. Use hactool to extract the files from your .xci game, make sure the game and the tool are in the same file directory and then drag the .xci onto the hactool.exe and it will extract the game into the XciDecrypted folder [Hidden Content] Step 4: Use [Hidden Content] and put in the title id of the game you want to "fake" as the real game you want. [Hidden Content] E.G Put in the title id for Fortnite if you want to play donkey kong as its shown to be a working substitute, then select choose file and go into the XciDecrypted/exefs and select open on the main.npdm file. Then simply click "Download Patched File" and replace it with the main.npdm file in the XciDecrypted folder. Step 5: Go into the microsd card root directory then atmosphere/titles and create a new folder with the same name as the title for the game you are using as a substitute, in this case Fortnite, which is 010025400AECE000. Then simply put the XciDecrypted files into that folder you just created. This should be romfs.bin and exefs folder. Step 6: Boot into RCM mode by shorting pin 1&10 using a paper clip (make sure your holding volume up) then connect your switch to your pc. Use this payload [Hidden Content] (the .bin) and launch it using [Hidden Content], just select the payload in the file explorer and click inject payload. Step 7: On the switch (with the microsd card now in) press the power button on launch firmware, then scroll down using the volume buttons to "RomFS" and then press the power button to select it. Step 8: Start the substitute game E.G Fortnite and then your golden P.S This all might seem a little daunting at first but once you've done it one time its easy going
  8. @Nekkiiting Would you be able to dump enter the gungeon? Would be very much appreciated
  9. Bulletstorm456

    [REQUEST] Shovel Knight Eshop dump

    You can play eshop games, just use RomFS, its a little more complicated but it works just fine. SX OS doesn't have support yet though.
  10. Bulletstorm456

    [REQUEST] Shovel Knight Eshop dump

    If anyone knows where i could find an eshop dump of Shovel knight or is able to do a dump that would be very much appreciated
  11. Bulletstorm456

    [MEGA] We Ski & Snowboard (WBFS NTSC-U)